Prepaid subscriptions

DNA Prepaid subscriptions are ready-to-use SIM cards for your phone, tablet or other mobile devices. 

Buying a new DNA Prepaid SIM card

You can buy your prepaid SIM card online, from R-kioski outlets or DNA Kauppa stores. No registration or ID needed.

Start using your DNA Prepaid subscription

  1. Insert the SIM card into phone.
  2. Turn on the phone and your new subscription is ready for use.
  3. Optionally, you can go to your phone’s settings to enable the PIN code. In order to do this, you need the PIN1 code which you will find by scratching the appropriate box on the SIM card frame.
  4. You can change the language to English online at or by calling User Service at 0800 412 582.
  5. Download the DNA Prepaid app from your application store.

PIN and PUK codes

The PIN code is your personal code number. It may be four to eight digits in length. Your subscription’s PIN codes are printed on the SIM card’s frame. You can change the code in your phone’s menu. For a more detailed description of how to use the menus, see your phone’s user guide. If you enter an incorrect PIN1 code three times in a row, your subscription will be locked. You can unlock it by using the PUK1 code. The PUK2 code can be used also to unlock a locked PIN2 code. Store the security codes in a safe place.

Balance enquiry

You can easily check your subscription’s remaining balance and expiry date by:

  • going to the address
  • entering *100# and pressing the CALL button
  • calling User Service at 0800 412 582
  • or by sending a free-of-charge message reading “SALDO” to the number 14600.

Topping up your prepaid subscription

You can add balance and top up your DNA Prepaid subscription in with Visa, MasterCard or Finnish online bank payment. You can also go to your nearest R-kioski or Otto ATM in Finland or use a physical top-up voucher on the self-care website.

Top up your prepaid

Validity period

The agreement will end 380 days from the previous reloading or, if the customer does not perform a service reload even once after buying the service, 195 days after the activation of the subscription. 15 days prior to the end of the agreement, use of the service will be limited to calls made to the emergency number, the free-of-charge user service and the DNA customer service, and to no other numbers.

By reloading new credit at least once every six months, your subscription will always be ready for use!

Roaming and international calls

How to call while not in Finland


DNA Prepaid subscriptions also work abroad apart from DNA Dataprepaid. In EU/EEA countries domestic rates apply to calls and texts. More information on data roaming charges in EU/EEA countries can be found on our EU Roaming site.

DNA Prepaid subscriptions work in over 100 countries. When abroad, you can receive SMS messages and phone calls just like at home in Finland. You do need to use the international number format, when sending SMS messages (for example: save the number 044 123 4567 as +358 44 123 4567).

We recommend that before the travel, visit the DNA roaming website or contact DNA Customer Service (tel. +358 44 144 044) to check the pricing, coverage and any country-specific instructions for making calls.

Please note that DNA Dataprepaid prepaid subscription does not work abroad.


International calls from Finland


You can call abroad by simply adding a country code to the national number. For example, to call to Sweden, you’d add +46. You’ll find some of most commonly used country codes below:

Country Country code
Estonia +372
France +33
Germany +49
Italy +39
Poland +48
Russia +7
Spain +34
Sweden  +46
Thailand  +66
Turkey +90

When calling from Finland to another country, you are charged the national call rate and the international call part. You can check for international call prices (in Finnish).


DNA Prepaid app

DNA Prepaid app features unlimited data packages from 3 hours to 30 days. You can buy a short connection only when you need to get connected or opt for a longer package to be constantly connected. Mobile data only works through packages when the app has been installed and it prompts for a new package when a connection is needed. The DNA Prepaid app is available for Android and iPhone.

The DNA Prepaid app offers you a free 24 h internet access as a welcome gift (DNA Super Prepaid users). Special offers are regularly featured on the app which are not available in any other channel.

DNA Prepaid self-service website

You can easily manage your prepaid subscription with the on our self-service website Furthermore, you can check subscription type, phone number, remaining balance, expiration date, account history and add safety numbers, where you can make limited calls if you run out of balance.