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DNA Prepaid SIM card

Order a DNA Prepaid SIM card easily

DNA Prepaid subscriptions are ready-to-use SIM cards for your phone, tablet or other mobile devices. Choose the best phone plan matching your needs to talk, send messages and use truly unlimited 4G mobile data. Feel free, forget the bills.

You can buy your prepaid SIM card online, from R-kioski outlets or DNA Kauppa stores. No registration or ID needed.

Top up your Finnish DNA prepaid subscription in Laturi

You can add balance and top up your DNA Prepaid subscription in with Visa, MasterCard or Finnish online bank payment. You can also go to your nearest R-kioski or Otto ATM in Finland or use a physical top-up voucher on the self-care website.

Find your DNA Prepaid subscription


DNA Super Prepaid

DNA Rajaton Prepaid – Unlimited SIM Card

  • Starter pack price 4,90 €, includes a balance of 5 €
  • Calls, messages and data: unlimited 0,99 €/day or 1,29 €/day depending on package
  • Max speed for data transfer: up to 400 Mbit/s
  • EU Data: 0,93 GB/day or 1,24 GB/day depending on package

4,90 €

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DNA Super Prepaid

DNA Super Prepaid – Pay as you go

  • Starter pack price 4,90 €, includes a balance of 5 €
  • Calls, messages and data: Based on use
  • Max speed for data transfer: up to 400 Mbit/s
  • EU Data: 1,04 GB/day


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DNA Dataprepaid

DNA Dataprepaid 30 days – unlimited data

  • Affordable internet directly to your device
  • Starter pack price 24,90 €, includes unlimited Internet for 30 days
  • Max speed for data transfer: up to 400 Mbit/s


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unlimited data is available in prepaid sim cards too

Prepaid with unlimited mobile data in Finland

  • The DNA Rajaton Prepaid subscription type includes a truly unlimited mobile data connection in a fixed daily price. Unlimited domestic calls, text messages, and fast 4G internet - in a fixed daily price of 0.99 €/day, or with 5G capability, 1.29€/day. No additional charges apply in Finland and also available as Micro SIM card.
  • For DNA Super Prepaid users, we recommend you to get connected with one of our best value packages which include truly unlimited mobile data in Finland or, in case of all-inclusive Rajaton packages, domestic calls and texts as well. You can buy the package of your choice online at or head to the self-care website if you prefer to use your prepaid balance instead.

Choose the package best matching your needs:

Prepaid with unlimited packages

Name Price Description
Rajaton 30 vrk €24.90  30 days of unlimited domestic calls, messages* and a fast unlimited 4G mobile data connection with 100 Mbit/s maximum speed
Rajaton 7 vrk €7.90 7 days of unlimited domestic calls, messages* and a fast unlimited 4G mobile data connection with 100 Mbit/s maximum speed

*The package is for consumer use only. Maximum 300 messages/day. Overuse is charged according to the normal price list.

Prepaid with data packages

Hypernetti 30 vrk (300M) €24.90   When only the fastest is fast enough! Enjoy the lighting fast 4G network to the fullest and get speeds up to 300 Mbit/s for a month. No cap on data use.
Tehonetti 30 vrk (100M) €19.90  Fast 100 Mbit/s 4G mobile data connection for active users for 30 days. No cap on data use.
Laitenetti 180 vrk (0.5/5M) €29.90

Laitenetti has been designed for devices such as trail cameras. 10x faster uplink than downlink ensures smooth transfer of pictures or videos from the device. Long validity period of 180 days and unlimited data use make it a hassle-free choice.

Not suitable for smartphones or tablets.


If you don’t want to go for any of packages, you can get the most from 4G internet for only €0.99 per day. The €0.99 price per day is automatically valid throughout Finland and is deducted from your prepaid balance if you use mobile data without any package.

Tip: Download the DNA Prepaid app from you app store, redeem your free day of internet and enjoy special offers available only in the app.

Data transfer speed depends on the package you choose. Actual speed may vary depending on number of factors, e.g. location and network load. Data transfer speed is max. 300 Mbit/s on the 4G network and (if 4G is not available) max. 30 Mbit/s over the 3G network.

The prepaid app on a phone

Prepaid self-service? Top up your data plan? There's an app for that.

DNA Prepaid app is the easiest way to manage your prepaid subscription. Buy full-speed mobile internet connection ranging from 3 hours to even 30 days.


Roaming and international calls with a Prepaid subscription

How to call while not in Finland

DNA Prepaid subscriptions also work abroad apart from DNA Dataprepaid. In EU/EEA countries domestic rates apply to calls and texts. More information on data roaming charges in EU/EEA countries can be found on our EU Roaming site.


DNA Prepaid subscriptions work in over 100 countries. When abroad, you can receive SMS messages and phone calls just like at home in Finland. You do need to use the international number format, when sending SMS messages (for example: save the number 044 123 4567 as +358 44 123 4567).

We recommend that before the travel, visit the DNA roaming website or contact DNA Customer Service (tel. +358 44 144 044) to check the pricing, coverage and any country-specific instructions for making calls.

Please note that DNA Dataprepaid prepaid subscription does not work abroad.

International calls from Finland

You can call abroad by simply adding a country code to the national number. For example, to call to Sweden, you’d add +46. You’ll find some of most commonly used country codes below:

Country Country code
Estonia +372
France +33
Germany +49
Italy +39
Poland +48
Russia +7
Spain +34
Sweden  +46
Thailand  +66
Turkey +90


When calling from Finland to another country, you are charged the national call rate and the international call part. You can check for international call prices (in Finnish).

DNA Prepaid app for self-care and DNA Laturi to add balance

DNA Prepaid app

DNA Prepaid app features unlimited data packages from 3 hours to 30 days. You can buy a short connection only when you need to get connected or opt for a longer package to be constantly connected. Mobile data only works through packages when the app has been installed and it prompts for a new package when a connection is needed. The DNA Prepaid app is available for Android and iPhone.

The DNA Prepaid app offers you a free 24 h internet access as a welcome gift (DNA Super Prepaid users). Special offers are regularly featured on the app which are not available in any other channel.

Self-care website

You can easily manage your prepaid subscription with the DNA Prepaid app or on our self-care website Furthermore, you can check subscription type, phone number, remaining balance, expiration date, account history and add safety numbers, where you can make limited calls if you run out of balance.

prepaid app home screen

prepaid app my account

Topping up

You can top-up your prepaid subscription online at with Visa, MasterCard or Finnish online bank payment. Alternatively, you can go to your nearest R-kioski or Otto ATM in Finland. You can also use a physical top-up voucher to add balance to your subscription on the self-care website or at

Good to know

The starting balance or any balance given as an award (such as the initial top-up bonus at R-kioski called “ensilatausetu”) is classified as a bonus balance. The bonus balance cannot be used for premium or value-added services, such as calls to international or corporate numbers. These services can only be used with the funds that have actually been topped-up to the prepaid account. In order to avoid situations where the balance runs out unexpectedly, there has to be over €2.50 on the account for the premium services to work.

Mobile payments (“Mobiilimaksu” in Finnish) and payment services offered at SMS numbers beginning with 169-, 177- or 178 can be used with DNA Prepaid subscriptions. Payment service numbers starting with 0606, 0707 and 0708 are not available for prepaid users.

You can use the balance on your prepaid subscription to purchase apps or other content from the following app stores: App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.