DNA Dataprepaid Tablet + WLAN-Mokkula 4G

Ykkösvalinta, kun haluat monta laitetta nettiin

DNA Dataprepaid Tablet + WLAN-Mokkula 4G on loistava liittymä, kun haluat nopean netin useammalle laitteelle yhdellä. Maksat liittymästä vain käytön mukaan. Voit käyttää liittymää WLAN-mokkulan kautta kotona, liikkeellä tai mökillä vaikkapa kymmenellä laitteella. Liittymä toimii 4G-verkossa.

Tuotetta ei voi ostaa nettikaupasta, mutta voit ostaa sen esimerkiksi lähimmältä R-Kioskilta.

Hinta 59 €


Dataprepaidin aloituspaketti sisältää nyt 30 vrk rajatonta netin käyttöä kotimaassa. Aiemmin aktivoituihin Dataprepaid-liittymiin voi myös ladata aikapohjaista käyttöaikaa.

Voit ladata prepaid-liittymääsi eri tavoin

DNA:n prepaid-liittymän voit ladata kätevästi netissä, lataussetelillä sekä R-kioskeilla ja Otto-automaateilla. Tässä tarkemmat ohjeet:


Lataat DNA:n prepaid-liittymääsi nopeasti ja kätevästi osoitteessa laturi.dna.fi. Ladattavan summan voit valita väliltä 10–100 euroa ja maksu tapahtuu pankkitunnuksilla. Samalla voit ostaa liittymällesi datapaketin netin käyttöön.


Latausseteleitä on 10 €, 20 € ja 30 € arvoisia. Lataussetelillä lataat kätevästi lisää puheaikaa silloin, kun sinulla ei ole pääsyä muihin latauskanaviin, esimerkiksi matkustaessasi. Lataussetelin voit antaa myös lahjaksi. Latausseteleitä voit ostaa R-kioskeilta, Postin myymälöistä ja DNA Kaupoista. Lataussetelin aktivoit kätevästi lataussivullamme osoitteessa laturi.dna.fi.

DNA Super Prepaid

DNA Super Prepaid is a carefree choice for smart phones or feature phones. The subscription is ready for immediate use and does not carry a monthly fee.

You only pay for the use of the subscription – EUR 0.066 per minute or text message in Finland. The starter pack includes EUR 7 of airtime and all three SIM card sizes: Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM.

You can purchase the subscription here, at R-Kioski outlets or DNA Stores (DNA Kauppa). The starter pack costs EUR 7.90.

4G Internet

Get connected with our unlimited 4G Internet connection in Finland for 30 days for only €16.90. With 30 days data package you can use mobile data in EU/EEA countries for 0,0057 €/MB max. 1770 MB/day, after exceeding the limit the price is 0,0095 €/MB. You can buy the data package of your choice online at laturi.dna.fi. If you prefer to use your prepaid balance instead, head to m.prepaid.dna.fi self-care website.

Choose the data package best matching your needs:

Data package Price Recommended for
100 MB (30 days) 4,90 € Suitable for browsing mobile web sites and apps with limited visual and audio content.
500 MB (30 days) 7,90 € Suitable for browsing web sites and apps with relatively limited visual and audio content.
1 GB (30 days) 9,90 € Normal everyday use of Internet. For HD images, audio and video content unlimited packages are recommended.
Unlimited (7 days) 7,90 € Active and miscellaneous use of Internet for one week or shorter time. Recommended especially for audio and video streaming, and HD content. No limit on data transfer.


Mobile web site or mobile app DNA Prepaid

On our If you don't buy a data package, you can get the most from 3G and 4G speeds for only €0.99 per day. This maximum price per day is automatically valid in Finland and is deducted from your prepaid balance if you use mobile data without a data package.

Data transfer speed for DNA's prepaid subscriptions is max. 300 Mbit/s on the 4G network and, if 4G is not available, max. 42 Mbit/s over the 3G network. Actual speeds vary depending on number of factors, e.g. location and network load.

DNA Rajaton Prepaid

DNA RAJATON Prepaid, which means DNA Unlimited Prepaid, is a perfect subscription for active smart phone users. You only pay a fixed fee of 0,89 €/day which includes unlimited calls and SMS messages in Finland and in other EU/EEA countries and unlimited mobile data in Finland. In other EU/EEA countries the price for data is 0,0057 €/MB max. 100 MB/day, after exceeding the limit the price is 0,0095 €/MB. The starter pack includes EUR 7 of balance and all three SIM card sizes: Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM.

You can purchase the subscription here, at R-Kioski outlets or DNA Stores. The starter pack costs EUR 7.90.

Mobile self-care website or DNA Prepaid app

On our mobile web site, m.prepaid.dna.fi you can easily manage your subscription and check its type, telephone number, remaining balance, expiration date, account history and add safety numbers where you can make limited calls even if you run out of balance.

The DNA Prepaid app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Please note that the locality of your app store needs to be changed to Finland for the app to be available for download.

The award-winning Android and iOS versions of the app offer a free 24h Internet access as a welcome gift (Super Prepaid users). The app features totally new types of data packages ranging from 5 minutes to 60 days. Therefore, if you wish, you can buy a short connection only when you need to get connected. Mobile data only works through data packages when the app has been installed and it prompts for a new package when a connection is needed. Special offers are regularly featured on the app which are not available in any other channel

Want to learn more? See the app video for iPhone or Android.

Loading credit to your subscription

You can load credit to your subscription online at https://laturi.dna.fi/, R-Kioski outlets or Otto ATMs. You can also use a physical reload voucher to load balance to your subscription at either on the mobile website or at https://laturi.dna.fi/.


– how to call while abroad

DNA Prepaid subscriptions work in over 100 countries. When abroad, you can receive phone calls and SMS messages just as you would at home. When making a phone call or sending SMS messages you need to use the international number format (for example: save the number 044 1234567 as +358441234567).

Some networks abroad still use the older USSD technology. This means that when making phone calls abroad just adding the country code (+358 for Finland) is not enough. When using a USSD network, add the code *140* in the beginning, then the phone number and then #.

For example: *140*358441234567#

We recommend using a Camel network type if available. Making phone calls from a Camel network does not require any special prefixes. The network type of each roaming partner can be checked from the roaming price search (in Finnish).

We recommend that before you travel you visit the DNA roaming website (in Finnish) or contact DNA Customer Service (tel. +358 44 144 044) to check the pricing, coverage and any country-specific instructions for making calls.

International calls from Finland

You can call abroad by simply adding a country code to the national number you are dialing. For example, to call to Sweden you would add +46. You'll find some of most commonly used country codes below:

Country Country code
Estonia +372
France +33
Germany +49
Italy +39
Poland +48
Russia +7
Spain +34
Sweden +46
Thailand +66

When calling from Finland to another country you are charged the national call rate (e.g. Super Prepaid €0,09/min) and the international call part. You can check for international call prices here (in Finnish).

Good to know:

The starting balance or any balance given as an award (such as the initial top-up bonus at R-Kioski called "ensilatausetu") is classified as bonus balance. The bonus balance cannot be used for premium or value-added services, such as international calls or corporate numbers. These services can only be used with the funds that have actually been topped-up to the prepaid account. In order to avoid situations where the balance runs out unexpectedly, there has to be over €2.50 on the account for the premium services to work.

Mobiilimaksu (mobile payments) and payment services offered at SMS numbers beginning with 169-, 177- or 178 can be used with DNA prepaid subscriptions. Payment service numbers starting with 0606, 0707 and 0708 are not available for prepaid users.

You can use the balance on your prepaid subscription to purchase apps or other content from the following app stores: Google Play, Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

DNA Dataprepaid

DNA Dataprepaid is an efficient 4G mobile broadband SIM card for your tablet, wireless router or laptop.The starter pack costs EUR 24.90 and contains 30 days of unlimited Internet use in Finland with no speed restrictions.  You can start using it immediately. You can continue using the subscription by purchasing the data package of your choice https://laturi.dna.fi/.

Top-up options:

  • 7 days unlimited use: €7.90
  • 30 days unlimited use: €19.95
  • 10 GB/90 days: €19.90
  • 30 GB/90 days: €29.90

Alternatively, you can purchase a Data reload voucher from a retail outlet and load credit on it at m.prepaid.dna.fi. On the mobile website, you can also check the remaining service time.

The pack includes all three SIM card sizes: Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM.

You can purchase the subscription here, at R-Kioski outlets or DNA Stores.

Terms and instructions

DNA Prepaid subscription terms (PDF) - scroll for text in English