Lumo resident, your home includes DNA Netti internet access and cable tv

Your Lumo-home rent includes broadband with the basic speed. New basic speed of free DNA Netti internet access is 50 Mbps (before 10 Mbps).

Activate DNA Netti

Your Lumo-home rent includes DNA Netti broadband with the basic speed 50 Mbps. Activate service now and enter your address.

When activating, you can also subscribe for a faster Internet access at an affordable price.

To activate DNA Netti, click here and enter your address

You can also visit your nearest DNA Kauppa store or call DNA customer service at tel. 044 144 044. Service hours Mon–Fri 8-18, Sat 9-16.30.

You can subscribe for additional connection speeds at affordable prices

Subscription Price
DNA Netti 100 Mbps 9,90 €/month
DNA Netti 200 Mbps 19,90 €/month
DNA Netti 400 Mbps 29,90 €/month
DNA Netti 1G (1000 Mbps) 39,90 €/month


DNA TV Hubi. An entertainment center for the whole family, at home and out of town

DNA TV Hubi service and device + 10 €/month/24 months, then 5 €/month
Includes DNA TV Hubi service and device and the DNA TV application.


Matkanetti 4G

For extra bandwidth subscribers, Matkanetti at a housing company customer’s discount rate for a tablet or mobile modem.
Matkanetti 4G from 5 €/month/12 months
You can choose between two DNA Matkanetti 4G subscription speeds: 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps.

Your home has access to all DNA cable TV channels

The DNA cable television network gives you access to basic channels, such as YLE channels, MTV3, Nelonen and many more. Basic channels are available for viewing without a TV card.

How to activate cable TV:

  1. You will need a cable compatible (Cable Ready HD or DVB-C) TV or set-top box or the DNA TV Hubi.
  2. Perform a channel search, in other words tune your TV or set-top box. Instructions are found in the user guide for your device. Please note that the channel numbers may change.

If you cannot view the channels, you should restore the factory settings from the device menu. For more detailed instructions, consult the user’s guide for the television or DVB receiver. If you are using a favourite channel list, you should identify your favourites again.

To learn more about broadband and TV services, (only in Finnish) or your nearest DNA Kauppa store.

DNA offers a wide range of pay-TV channels, streaming services and the rental service DNA TV Vuokraamo.

Modems and Routers

If you want to share the connection between multiple devices, you will need a wireless (WLAN) modem. Device-specific installation and user guides, including default passwords, can be found in the modem’s box.

Broadband is available through an Ethernet cable (RJ-45), so you don’t need a modem. If you want to share your Internet connection with multiple devices, we recommend the DNA Valokuitu Plus -router for Ethernet households.

In cable households you need a cable modem. We recommend the DNA Valokuitu Plus -modem.

The DNA Valokuitu Plus -router has powerful wireless network WiFi and proven reliability that make using the web easy and fast.

Read more: (in Finnish)


If you need a modem, please visit your nearest DNA Kauppa store, see your nearest store: or call Customer service tel. 044 144 044. Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 9-16.30

You can buy a cable modem required for cable households at a DNA Kauppa or by calling DNA’s free service number at 0800 550 044 to have the modem mailed to you. You can also order the modem when activating your Internet connection.

Remember security for all devices

DNA Turvapaketti Plus protects all your home’s devices against viruses and malware. It now also provides additional online safety for kids with new parental control features. The package also includes the Freedome VPN privacy shield that can be used to protect your connection in open WiFi networks and prevent tracking attempts by third parties.

DNA Turvapaketti Plus for 1-2 devices at € 4.90/month, now 3 months at half price € 2.45/month. Order your DNA security suite easily at or the nearest DNA Kauppa store, or by calling our free sales service number at 0800 550 044 (Mon–Fri 9–20, Sat 10–16).