DNA Prepaid

DNA Super Prepaid

DNA Super Prepaid is a ready-to-use prepaid subscription with no monthly fees and national calls and SMS for only 0,066 €/min/SMS. The subscription comes with 21 Mbit/s Internet for max. 1,92 €/day while active users can purchase data packages starting at 4,90 € including 100 MB. The start package (norm. 7,90€) comes with 7 euros of preloaded balance and nano-, micro- and standard SIM-cards. The packages are sold across the country at R-Kioskis, post offices and DNA Stores.


If you run out of balance, you can recharge your DNA Super Prepaid subscription at any R-Kioski, ATM (Otto) or at laturi.dna.fi (in Finnish). You can also activate the DNA Easy Recharge which, once activated, allows you to recharge your subscription by SMS while charging your debit or credit card. If you have purchased a voucher (Finnish: latausseteli) you can activate it here.

Data packages

Your DNA prepaid subscription comes with fast 24 Mbit/s data for max. 1,92 €/day. If you use data frequently we recommend you to choose one of our prepaid data packages.

Data package Price Recommended for
100 MB (30 days) 4,90 € Suitable for browsing mobile web sites and apps with limited visual and audio content. 
1 GB (30 days) 9,90 € Normal everyday use of Internet. For HD images, audio and video content unlimited packages are recommended.
Unlimited (7 days) 7,90 € Active and miscellaneous use of Internet for one week or shorter time. Recommended especially for audio and video streaming, and HD content. No limit on data transfer.
Unlimited (30 days) 16,90 € Active and regular use of Internet. Recommended especially for audio and video streaming, and HD content. No limit on data transfer.

You can purchase any of the data packages by going to our mobile web site m.prepaid.dna.fi using your mobile phone or tablet holding a DNA prepaid SIM card. You can also get your data package at laturi.dna.fi while recharging your subscription using your bank credentials. 

You can have one active and one passive data package at a time. Your passive package automatically becomes active at the expiry of the active package.

Mobile web site (m.prepaid.dna.fi)

The mobile web site m.prepaid.dna.fi serves all DNA prepaid subscribes and allows you to check, for example, the remaining balance, subscription type, change the language and buy data packages. You can also set two safety numbers which you can dial even if you run out of balance. The use of m.prepaid.dna.fi is completely free-of-charge even if your subscription has no data package activated.

Safety numbers

DNA Super Prepaid includes a safety feature that, once activated, allows you to dial two numbers for three minutes even when your balance is zero. You can activate the safety feature on the mobile web site m.prepaid.dna.fi or by calling the prepaid service 0800 412 582.

International calls and SMS

You can call abroad by simply adding a country code to the national number you are dialing. For example, to call to Sweden you would add +46. You'll find some of most commonly used country codes below: 

Country Country code
Estonia +372
France +33
Germany +49
Italy +39
Poland +48
Russia +7
Spain +34
Sweden +46
Thailand +66
Turkey +90


When calling from Finland to another country you are charged the national call rate (e.g. Super Prepaid 0,066 €/min) and the international call part.

For sending an SMS from Finland to another country the national SMS fee applies with no extra charge (e.g. Super Prepaid 0,066 €/SMS).


With your DNA prepaid subscription you can call and SMS in more than 100 countries when travelling abroad. In most countries and networks, you can dial with no extra hassle by simply adding the country code (e.g. +358 for Finland). In case this doesn't work, add *140* in front of the number and # to the end to enable USSD calling for those networks that require the use of this older technology (no extra charge). SMS always works with simply adding the international country code. 

For prepaid roaming charges and networks see here (in finnish).

Campaigns and benefits

As a DNA Super Prepaid customer you enjoy our regular recharge campaigns.

Customer service

Should you have any questions or experience issues with your DNA prepaid subscription do not hesitate to contact our customer service at 044 144 044.