Vaso resident, your home includes high-quality DNA Netti Internet access for housing companies and cable TV

DNA supplies Internet and cable TV services for all Vaso homes. DNA Netti Internet with basic speed is included in your maintenance fee.

Activate DNA Netti

Activate DNA Netti with basic speed by calling DNA Customer service at 044 144 044 or online. All Vaso homes have DNA Netti broadband with a basic speed of 100 Mbps (upload 10 Mbps).

You can pick up a cable modem required for cable households free of charge at a DNA Kauppa or by calling DNA’s free service number at 0800 550 044 to have the modem mailed to you. You can also order the modem when activating your Internet connection:

DNA Kaupat Turku:

  • Hansa, Eerikinkatu 15
  • Länsikeskus, Markulantie 15
  • Skanssi, Skanssinkatu 10

DNA Kauppa Raisio:

  • Raisio Mylly, Myllynkatu 1

In cable households you need a cable modem. We recommend the DNA Valokuitu Plus -modem. Read more: (in Finnish). When moving out of a Vaso apartment, return the modem to any DNA Kauppa store.

The DNA Valokuitu Plus -router has powerful wireless network WiFi and proven reliability that make using the web easy and fast. 

In Ethernet homes (Ilkanterassi, Länsipuisto, Keonraitti, Kukoila, Kuninkaanlaakso, Westparkin Lehmus, Soininen, Westparkin Honka, Metsola, Ratsu ja Prinssi), a separate modem is not needed. Register and activate basic speed by calling DNA Customer service at 044 144 044 or online

You can subscribe for additional connection speeds at affordable prices

You can upgrade to a faster connection by calling DNA Customer service at 044 144 044.

Special prices for Vaso-residents:

Subscription Price
DNA Netti taloyhtiölle 200 Mbit/s 19,90 €/month
DNA Netti taloyhtiölle 400 Mbit/s 24,90 €/month
DNA Netti taloyhtiölle 1G (1000 Mbit/s) 39,90 €/month

Your home has access to all DNA cable TV basic channels free of charge and without registration

The DNA cable television network gives you access to basic channels, such as YLE channels, MTV3, Nelonen and many more. Basic channels are available for viewing without a TV card. With TV card you get to watch FOX HD and National Geographic HD, as well as a Kuukauden kanava (channel of the month) and Kuukauden ottelu (match of the month).

Read more

You can pick up a DNA TV card free of charge from a DNA Kauppa (1 card/apartment). When moving out, return the card to a DNA Kauppa. As a TV card holder, you also have access to pay-TV channels with a wide range of sports, entertainment and documentaries, streaming services and the DNA TV Vuokraamo rental service. 

You will need a cable compatible (Cable Ready HD or DVB-C) TV or set-top box or the DNA TV Hubi.

Make your order by calling DNA’s free service number

You can order all services for Vaso-homes from our Sales service tel. +358 800 550 044

Mon–Fri 9 am–8 pm,

Sat 10 am–4:30 pm