Würth sells tools and equipment for industry and technology around Finland, around the clock. The product selection includes: screw products; fixing accessories; hand, electric, and pneumatic tools; chemicals; and protective equipment. The central storage stocks over 40,000 product titles. Würth's turnover in 2014 was EUR 247 million, and the number of staff is over 1,100. The revenue of the international group is over EUR 10 billion.

Large logistics machinery

In Finland, Würth has more than 50,000 customers, and 300 sales representatives are constantly on the move with their tablet computers. – They must have reliable data and telephone connections. The connection to ordering systems must be perfect, otherwise the logistics will fail, says technology manager Raimo Lind.

DNA is Würth's data operator. The cooperation began two years ago. Security of supply is important as Würth promises to deliver orders on the next day. – We deliver the goods directly to the shelves of many of our customers, but we are also present around Finland with our 170 Wurth Center sales offices.

Flexibility is everything

– DNA feels like a good fit to us—an operator should be able to develop in a flexible manner. We will establish new sales offices and some of the old ones may relocate, which requires that connections are set up quickly and the old ones are transferred properly, says Lind.

The fluency of cooperation is ensured with regular meetings. – We review the success of the cooperation with the DNA service manager quarterly. If there is an aspect which could be developed, we develop it. Würth offers its customers service around the clock. – We think that support should be provided 24/7. Connections are a critical factor in our business.