Multichannel contact center

DNA’s Multichannel Contact Centre solution ensures that all your customers will reach your company the way they want to. 

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Ensure high-quality customer experience with a multichannel service

Regardless of the channel, your company can produce a whole and targeted customer experience. Simultaneously, more efficient customer information management enables additional sales.

Digitalisation has changed customer behaviour. Customers take care of routine assignments increasingly via self-service and simultaneously expect individual service in a channel of their choosing without the need to switch between channels.

By subscribing to the Multichannel Contact Centre solution, your company can meet the ongoing change. Customer service becomes easy when your customers can solve all their issues and fulfil their needs all at once.

DNA’s solution is based on the Genesys PureCloud service. Genesys is a world-leading customer experience developer. The scaling cloud service is suitable for small customer service units providing a multichannel solution as well as demanding contact centres.

Quality and unified customer service

You can serve your customers always at the same level on whichever channel the customer wants to be served.

Better targeted services and sales

Customer satisfaction increases, and your business will grow when the service utilises customer information regardless of the channel. You will have various management tools to plan and evolve your operation in your use.

An efficient model for everyone

The service eases your and your customer’s everyday life - easy integrations to CRM and other ERP systems will boost the work. As a result, taking care of services is easy, and all matters can be solved at once.

DNA's Multichannel Contact Center solution in a nutshell

  • Voice channels: Inbound, outbound, and callback
  • Other channels: email, chat, web form, SMS, social media
  • Connects the digital service to other customer services
  • Recognises your customers with an automatic CRM integration or contact database
  • Managing customer contacts in multiple channels with one solution
  • Versatile management tools to surveil, report and recordings of your operation
  • Your customer service can use a browser-based user interface, workstation application or a mobile device
  • Easy to bring to use and to use

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