Verto utilises IoT connections for smart water metering

Verto digitalised their unit-specific water metering with DNA’s IoT subscriptions. Fast connection and automatisation ease the workload of housing managers, and the water usage will be visible for residents as well.

Verto provides unit-specific water metering services, and their field of expertise lies in smart water metering systems. Verto uses a remote reading system for water utilities, which means that the billing is based on real-time usage of water. For their data transmission, Verto chose DNA’s IoT/M2M subscriptions.

“We have locations all over Finland, so it is critical for us to have a countrywide covering network, without connection interferences”, Antti Salakka, the CEO of Verto tells.

The data of water usage is transferrable through cloud service to different systems. Housing managers can examine their locations on the browser at the VertoLive service, where water usage, alarms, and maintenance needs are visible. Residents can explore their own water usage by using the VertoMobile app.

“The work of the housing managers becomes easier when processes are automatised, and more data is gathered. As a result, the residents receive more accurate information on their water usage patterns, leading to decreasing water usage. Overall service that provides unit-based information can’t be found elsewhere.”

Verto was founded in the 1980s, and today the company employs 14 people. Today digitality is at the core of their work.

Antti Salakka, CEO, Verto

“Previously data was gathered by using different methods, but DNA’s services have made possible remote reading and data transfer, which works as a base of what we can do today. In the future, when data transfer capacity grows further, we get more exact information”, Salakka adds.

Collaboration with DNA has been easy-going and managing the subscriptions fluently, according to Salakka. Therefore, a portal where it is possible to manage subscriptions gets a special mention.

“When you have a large number of subscriptions and new ones are frequently created, managing them has to be smooth. DNA Control Center portal makes  IoT subscription management and monitoring  fast and simple. The DNA Control Center portal makes examining and managing all subscriptions fast and simple. Through experience, I can recommend DNA’s services to other operatives that collect sensor data and base their actions on the metering taking place in the field as well”, Salakka says.


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