Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors cyber threats for your company – every day, around the clock. The service provides a valuable ability to observe data security status and the risks in real-time and handle personal data in case of attacks.

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Security Operations Centre monitors your company’s data security around the clock

Every company needs the ability to continuously observe what happens in their information systems since the threats evolve and move fast – and companies should notice them as early as possible. Speed means everything in cyber defence. 

Building functioning observation skills requires expertise because the conventional means, firewall and antivirus, are not enough. 

The observation case is solved cost-efficiently with the Security Operations Center, where experts observe and analyse the anomalies in data security and react to them in appropriate ways. The service provides transparency to your company’s data security, enabling observation skills and always a real-time situation status in practice. 

Devices and servers in your company's network, as well as cloud services in use, can be integrated into the service. With the help of the SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) system, the SOC (Security Operations Center) analyses and utilises the log data of security services used by your company to form a comprehensive picture and alert the company of cyber threats targeting it.

Prevent risks and ensure your business continuity with SOC!

Your company receives a skill to observe the data security of networks, information systems and cloud, 24/7/365

Easy service model secures business continuity

Cost-efficient, modular, and transparently priced service

What is DNA Security Operations Centre?

  • DNA SOC experts monitor customer company’s systems 24/7/365 comprehensively.
  • SOC follows and analyses the system’s data security status and risks as well as handles personal data in case of cyber attacks. 
  • The service recognises anomalies in data security — it reacts, alerts and takes remediation action.
  • An easy, transparent, and modular service model.
  • Service is produced in Finland according to critical data security requirements. 
  • Systematic development of data security with regular development meetings is included in the service. 
  • Centralised log management ensures traceability and eases the GDPR reporting. 

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Protection against Denial-of-Service attacks complements firewall security by protecting internet traffic already in DNA’s backbone network.

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