Most important in life? Connections.

DNA builds your digital connections and secures new ways of working. At the office, on the road, working remotely and during free time. Both in Finland as well as abroad. Always safely.

How Will Technology Shape the Year 2023?

DNA introduces 17 rising technology trends that will step into the limelight in 2023 – many of which leave their mark on history.

Start your IoT journey

Our IoT Connect services enable enterprises and public sector to connect, operate and monitor their connected devices. With IoT Connect you can get access to a local mobile network or to more than 500 networks across the world with only one point of contact.

What will 5G bring to corporate networks?

In today's competitive markets, data network solutions are of great importance. Does your network solution support your business?

12/2022 DNA Business

ZTNA: Safety, support, and security – anywhere, anytime

Fortinet creates ground-breaking architecture and DNA maintains close dialogue and collaboration with customers.
10/2022 DNA Business

DNA and Edzcom partner up to build private mobile networks for enterprise customers

Private mobile networks are built in very different environments hence they are always tailored for each client.
7/2022 DNA Business

 At the cusp of a great transformation

Sandberg is proud of the international reach of DNA and Telenor.