As a forerunner in new ways of working, DNA is constantly enhancing their offerings. They are inspired by the myriad opportunities digitalization offers for their customers, and are eager to implement the best of these.

DNA's expert service builds on their genuine interest in the customers' businesses, an excellent service attitude and uncompromising expertise. DNA is an agile enabler implementing flexible solutions for corporate customers of all sizes, based on their actual needs. All interactions with their customers are marked by relevance, openness and consistent customer-centricity.

Products and services

Data security services

DNA's Data security services offer customers cost-effective, easily scalable data security solutions nationally and internationally. The solutions can secure a company's servers, databases, applications and workstations from external parties.

Data communication security services:
DNA Security Gateway
DNA Strong Authentication
DNA Secure Access
DNA Access Management

System security services:
DNA Application Delivery Controller
DNA Protection Service for Business
DNA Smartproxy
DNA Email security

Network management and monitoring services

DNA's Network management and monitoring services ensure the availability of business-critical applications and network services. The services provide automatic fault and performance management in multivendor environments, nationally and globally.

DNA Infrastructure monitoring

Hosting services

DNA Hosting services provide customers with an easily deployable, high-availability server environment. We enable solutions and operational services to be used without investments in hardware premises, systems and expertise. Our data centres are located in Finland.

DNA Server room
DNA Server
DNA Backup

Access and networking services

DNA offers access and networking services that use the latest technology for voice, message and data transfer. The bandwidth and latency of mobile data networks have improved continuously which means that remote workers have the same user experience as those in the office.

DNA Company Network's powerful, multi-featured, scalable data circuits enable geographically separate local area networks to be combined into a single, closed, secure company network.

Fixed connections:
DNA Corporate Network
DNA Cloud Connection
DNA Corporate Internet
DNA Yrityslaajakaista

Mobile connections:
DNA Optimi mobile subscriptions
DNA Liikkuva Laajakaista mobile broadband
DNA Corporate voice subscriptions
M2M Corporate subscriptions

Number services:
DNA Service number
DNA Corporate number

Office networking services:
DNA WLAN Enterprise
DNA Yrityskaista


Industrial Internet

Industrial Internet or "Internet of Things" refers to connectivity of the different machines and devices to an existing network. By connecting the devices to the network, you are able to control them remotely. Furthermore, the data that is produced by a machine or a device can be analysed in real time.

Social Communication

We help our customers to build new ways of working that enable social communication widely to be utilised in business. Social communication features in DNA's offering cover communications services, group-working services and smart devices.

Exchange services:
DNA Mobile Switchboard
DNA Customer care solution
DNA  Attendant service

Office communication services:
DNA Email and Collaboration Google
DNA Email and Collaboration Microsoft

Meeting services:
DNA Telephone Conference
DNA Video-conference
DNA Dedicated Video Client
DNA Webmeeting

Device services:
DNA Device Solution

Services for carriers and operators

DNA Business has more than 25,000 kilometers of fiber network and 1500 POPs in Finland. We provide copper and fiber optic network services to corporate customers, carriers and integrators in the Nordic countries.

DNA Business has a redundant fiber optic network from Helsinki to Stockholm. DNA Business has a joint footprint with the TDC Group and connectivity to the TDC Group's European DWDM network.

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