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Private networks guarantee short latency, assured capacity, and a secure closed network. This solution is especially suitable for critical applications and challenging environments as well as real-time usage needs.

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A private mobile network facilitates quality connections in critical environments and eliminates bottlenecks from the digitalisation of business

The DNA Private Network service is customised mobile private network, offering customer-specific, high-quality, versatile, and adaptable mobile data connections for the needs of critical production and monitoring applications.

With the capacity and connections provided by the private network, you can enhance your business's operational environment processes, increase productivity, and improve the security of your company's data and employees. A variety of devices can be connected to the private network, such as phones, cameras, and other sensors. The solution is implemented using either 4G/LTE or 5G technology.

Private networks are designed to provide quality mobile network connections especially to industrial environments. The solution can also be used for various connection and application needs in different environments where high-quality connections, guaranteed capacity and low latency are crucial and necessary. The private network suits perfectly to the needs of logistics centres, ports, factories, mines, hospitals, as well as construction sites.

We customise our private mobile network solutions to fit the specific needs of your company with various technologies. Depending on the use case and demands, we can implement the regional breakout service to create a shorter and therefore faster route for data, and leverage edge computing in applications requiring short latency, allowing data to be managed locally and used much faster.

Read more about the benefits of the private network in different industries.

Private Network is especially suitable for critical applications and challenging environments as well as real-time usage needs.

Low Latency

Achieve low-latency connections regardless the location.


Reliable connections without the risk of congestion.


The solution is always tailored to suit according to your requirements.


Data routing and local location secure your company's critical data.

The Private Network assures high-quality connections under challenging conditions and also acts as a supplementary connection solution

Private mobile networks offer reliable connections to environments where building fibre or using other technology would be expensive or challenging. We can set up private networks almost anywhere in Finland based on the use case without you having to make significant investments in infrastructure. You can also acquire a private network to complement your company's own infrastructure.

We implement our private network solutions with our expert partners

Critical data is transferred faster with low-latency service

In mobile networks, traffic often circulates through central routes and travels long distances, resulting in increased data transmission latencies. With our cost-effective cloud-based network architecture, mobile network operations can be routed close to the application targets, minimising delays in data transfer.

We can offer short-latency services to our customers as easily implementable solutions. The solution is implemented regionally in DNA's equipment rooms and is available in many areas in Finland. The short latency service does not require additional equipment investments or software installations. In custom implementation, the desired speed and security level are defined to suit your company's needs. If needed, we also offer user data routing locally in the customer's own premises.

Increase your company's efficiency with indoor positioning and lower latency

DNA Private Network can be customised with our indoor positioning and short latency solutions for optimal benefit and efficiency.

With the DNA Precision Location service, we can bring your company's daily life into digital age efficiency by connecting devices and people. Precision location (also indoor location) locates both people and objects in real-time indoors over large areas. The cost-effective service is cloud-based and collects real-time location information of selected targets with timestamps. Location takes place using tag models designed for different use cases.

Private Network, DNA, and Partner Collaboration

DNA has been able to target significant 5G investments in Finland as part of the Telenor Group, enabling the construction of private mobile networks on top of the public network. You can check our coverage map here (in Finnish).

We collaborate with various expert partners to offer high-quality custom and efficiency-enhancing private network solutions and additional services from one window.

Edzcom is our partner in building private mobile networks. Edzcom focuses on wireless networks in its business and is the European market leader in Edge Connectivity solutions. Read more about the collaboration between DNA and Edzcom in our article.

Noccela complements our private network offering and our IoT strategy as an expert in indoor positioning. Noccela is one of the leading UWB technology and solution providers and focuses on digitalisation and the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT). Read the press release.

Accenture and Microsoft are our partners in implementing edge computing. We have organised an innovation laboratory focused on private networks and edge computing, the Accenture 5G Innovation Lab project, together with Accenture and Microsoft.

3/2023 DNA Business

DNA and Noccela are building next generation IoT for Finnish businesses

Examples of benefits of private networks by industry


  • With reliable and high-quality mobile connections, you can enable, for example, real-time video images to control rooms, predictive maintenance and monitoring temperatures
  • The logistics chain can be automated with reliable connections and real-time positioning
  • Edge computing enables seamless cooperation in the operating environment by different service providers, as information from different actors can be easily combined
  • With the Precise Location service, the flow of materials can be monitored and devices, employees, and equipment can be located in real-time


  • Enhancing the Lean production process
  • Speed the processing the data produced by IoT devices
  • With the DNA High Accuracy Positioning service, the flow of materials can be monitored and you can locate devices, employees, and equipment in real-time
  • Opportunity for automation of production and future development


  • Enabling reliable and high-quality mobile connections in remote places, including underground
  • With reliable and high-quality mobile connections, you can enable, for example, real-time video images to control rooms, predictive maintenance and monitoring temperatures
  • With the DNA High Accuracy Positioning service, the flow of materials can be monitored and devices, employees, and tools can be located in real-time


  • Private mobile network is a cost-effective and reliable solution for a critical environment such as the healthcare industry
  • The high-quality and low latency connections for critical applications provide faster access to critical information
  • Hospital's critical equipment and staff can be precisely located in real-time
  • A private network can provide the shortest and low-latency route to the hospital's own information systems


  • With the solution, the mobile connections always work well, even in places where power distribution is temporary and unstable
  • With the DNA High Accuracy Positioning service, shipments, devices, employees, and tools can be located in real-time
  • Edge computing enables seamless cooperation in the operating environment by different service providers, as information from separate providers can be easily combined


  • Reliable and high-quality mobile connections enable, for example, real-time video images to control rooms, and immediate connections in dangerous solo workspaces
  • DNA High Accuracy Positioning service is suitable for managing dangerous solo workspaces and smart theft prevention

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Lean model mean?

Simplified answer, the Lean model in the business world stands for a management model that focuses on eliminating bottlenecks from processes. This means, its purpose is to remove all extra steps from processes while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Lean model is focused on understanding customer needs and eliminating unnecessary steps in the workflow on a case-by-case and company-specific basis using various methods and tools, such as digital means to optimise time usage. The ultimate purpose of the Lean model is to increase efficiency and reduce costs and unnecessary functions in the company's operations.

What is edge computing and what is it used for?

Simplifies, edge computing refers to data processing happening near the data collection point, meaning for example, processing data produced by a mine's own sensors on the mine's own servers on the mine site. When edge computing takes place in a private network, unauhtorised data capture and access to data is much more difficult as the data does not need to be transferred, for example, to the cloud. In addition, it is harder to crash a network composed of several devices. The exact definition of edge computing is difficult as it includes several different perspectives and functions depending on the case.

Edge computing

The term 'edge computing' refers to computation conducted at the edge of the network, or in simpler terms, data processing. The edge in this case refers to the source of the data or a server near, which could be an IoT device, a forklift, a phone, or a server located in the operating environment. With edge computing, the journey of data is shortened, that is, data processing and storage takes place at the edge (in the device or in a server close to it). By shortening the journey of data, data handling does not take up bandwidth and happens even faster, enabling almost real-time analytics.

Edge location

Data processing can also be decentralised to other servers, but important contents and services of the business are managed in one place on the main server (edge location), which ensures that end customers get delay-free data transfer regardless of location. For example, if a video was wanted to be shown in Canada from Finland, it would take tens of seconds to load the video. When data processing is decentralised to another server, like in the example to Canada, loading the video only takes a few seconds.

Edge AI

Artificial intelligence can also be used for edge computing. Edge AI enables more independent operation of devices and helps in predicting their maintenance and can also be used to automate production lines. Concrete examples of edge AI in use include a self-driving forklift, smart speakers, different robots, cameras utilising video analytics and the ability of devices to automatically shut themselves off in a dangerous situation.

What does regional breakout mean?

Adding regional breakout or, local breakout to the mobile network means building a lower latency route for data. Therefore, data doesn't travel through the capital region to DNA's data centres and back in Finland but is processed in local data centres. Thus, data travels a shorter distance, which in turn enables extremely low latency.

What is Ultra-Wideband (UWB)?

 Ultra-Wideband, or ultra-broadband technology, enables data transfer over a wide frequency, and its signals can be transmitted over long distances without interference from other devices.

UWB is a highly accurate technology for positioning: it can locate people and devices with an accuracy of a few centimetres, making it much more accurate than Wi-Fi or BLE, and it is faster than GPS. UWB is an excellent solution for locating rapidly moving objects (such as a drone) as well as small targets. UWB enables the transmission of large amounts of data at high speed and low latency, especially in indoor environments where there are often slowing and complicating factors such as walls and machinery.

See also

With our High Accuracy Positioning service, you can locate your company's devices and people in real-time, automate processes, and collect useful data to support decision-making.

Corporate Network, the traffic of private networks travels securely in the company's closed internal network.

Cloud Connect allows secure access to the public cloud from the private network if needed, via the MPLS network.

The data produced by IoT subscriptions is managed in a closed private network. IoT subscriptions can use 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IoT, or LTE-M technology.

Ensure functioning data connections

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