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Private networks for industrial and other critical environments

Private networks ensure low latency, guaranteed capacity, and a closed network for critical and real-time usage needs. Private networks are closed and customer-specific mobile networks that remove business digitalisation bottlenecks.

Private networks allow applications to be implemented in mobile network data securely and reliably. This solution is suitable for those who need low latency, guaranteed capacity in a defined area, reliable connections without interferences or a completely closed local network.

Typical examples of use cases of a private network are, e.g., industrial automation, functions of a logistics centre, operating and monitoring an automatic vehicle remotely with video analysis technology, automation of mining functions or push-to-talk system implementation in hospitals or production sites. The implementation is possible even with distributed devices by utilising the public mobile network, e.g., in electrical power networks or shop operations.

Business continuity even in critical environments is ensured with a private network

Because of low latency, real-time implementation of use cases is possible

Data secure and closed network holds the data in a differentiated, customer-specific network inside the location if needed

What is a Private Network?

  • A private network can be implemented either with LTE or 5G technology, with the most suitable frequency ranges of DNA, between 700 MHz and 26GHz for each location.
  • DNA’s public mobile networks, as well as customer-specific backbone and radio networks, can be utilised in the implementation, redundant if needed.
  • Private LTE or 5G private networks often use edge computing in real-time applications that require low latency, where the sensor data is processed near the users.

See also

Corporate Network: private network traffic will travel data securely in the closed internal company network.

Cloud Connect: access to the public cloud can be granted from the private network through an MPLS network if needed.

IoT subscriptions: IoT subscription data is managed in the private network. IoT subscriptions can use 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IoT or LTE-M technology.

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