Endpoint protection

Centralising the data security of computers, mobile devices and servers is wise. DNA Endpoint Protection will protect all endpoint devices from data breaches and malware, enabling centralised management and reporting.

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Protect all your company’s endpoint devices with DNA’s service 

A central part of a multi-layered data security solution is the protection of the endpoint devices, which is easily achieved with DNA Endpoint Protection. The service’s antivirus prevents the endpoint devices from being infected by contaminated websites and email attachments. 

The service provides a centralised self-service portal to manage your company devices and reporting. The main user can see the endpoint device’s status and receive tools to manage them from one single view. Malware mostly takes advantage of vulnerabilities caused by, e.g., update neglect. Centralised management ensures up-to-date updates. 

Easy management with a centralised management portal and automated update control

Protects from malware and ransomware

Ensures up-to-date updates in endpoint devices

Seamless working with protected devices

What is DNA Endpoint Protection?

  • The service protects your company from malware and ransomware and includes vulnerability management. 
  • The service centralises server and device security management all together to one view. Operating systems and applications can be updated remotely with a secure control connection. 
  • The software of the endpoint device also hardens the firewall. Data security settings can be managed easily with device-specific profiles. 
  • Mobile device applications can create a protected VPN connection over unsecured WLAN or mobile networks. 
  • Mobile device data security can be strengthened, e.g., by adding demand for using a security code or determining a specific length for the code. 
  • Lost or stolen mobile devices can easily be locked or wiped. 
  • The monitoring service of the IT environment recognises data security anomalies and offers instructions on how to react to these anomalies. 
  • Service works with Windows and Mac, Android and iOS, as well as Windows and Linus servers. 
  • WithSecure’s Endpoint Protection service works as the engine of DNA Endpoint Protection.

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