Global family business appreciates straightforward IT management

The globally operating conglomerate Algol manages its IT issues centrally from Finland. Long-standing partner DNA knows the company and its customs.

When Algol opens a new office, the company’s long-term IT partner DNA is involved. The Algol Group consisting of five subsidiaries employs almost 500 people in ten different countries. The subsidiaries of the 125-year-old family business import and sell thousands of different products to industry and the health care sector. Algol’s network of partners is global. 

Functional and up-to-date telecommunications connections are central to Algol’s business. DNA Business’ Corporate Network provides data connections between the company’s foreign offices and the Group’s service centre with firewall and information security services connected. Other services provided by DNA include the monitoring and management of fixed and wireless LANs, as well as remote connections for all employees.

“All IT issues are managed centrally from Finland. In addition, we have some local partners to handle urgent matters, for example”, says Algol’s CIO Arto Peterzens
He describes the communication with DNA as close.

“In addition to almost daily contact, we review the service situation as well as firewall, traffic and information security issues at regular intervals, typically four times a year.”

Algol has been a customer of DNA since 2011, when DNA acquired Forte Netservices, a provider of telecommunications services.

“Our long-standing customer relationship speaks to the smoothness of the cooperation. We appreciate technical expertise. For a company of Algol’s size, it is important that DNA’s contact persons know our infrastructure when we contact them”, Peterzens describes.

“In addition to ease of business and efficient cooperation models, DNA’s response times are short”, praises Peterzens.


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