DNA Business Customer Service

Please note that only a named contact person for your company can request changes to your services

Call us

044 144 099 Monday - Friday 8 - 17 (When calling from abroad: +358 44 144 099)

At other times, DNA Business Customer Service is only available for the following matters:

  • PUK codes
  • Suspension of lines in case of theft or disappearance
  • Reporting service issues

Fault tickets 24/7

Calls to us from DNA subscriptions are free of charge

  • Apart from when calling from DNA Äly/Rajaton subscriptions or other operators, then you pay the same as you would if you called any other DNA line in Finland or abroad.
  • Your own subscription type is listed on your invoice.

The phone calls are recorded for customer service improvement and quality control purposes.

Contact us by email


When contacting us by e-mail, please state your company's registration number to make sure we can look into your case as swiftly as possible.