Virtual PBX

Better accessibility with DNA Virtual PBX service

DNA Virtual PBX, or switchboard, makes your company’s customer service flexible and straightforward. Reaching your personnel will be easy, effortless, and smart – resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) enables faster reacting and answering. Communicating with customers is straightforward when they get all the needed answers from one phone number. Incoming calls to the company  number can be routed to free personnel or a queue. For instance, if the reached user is in a meeting or on vacation, the calls will route automatically to other employees.

The service is an effective solution regardless of your company’s size or industry. Monthly billing is based on the actual amount of usage, so you pay for what you need. The mobile application is a cost-free part of the service. The Virtual PBX service is entirely cloud-based, so it does not require physical investments and scales along with your company’s growth and changing needs.

Better accessibility

Customers can reach easily different departments of your company, from sales to customer service.

Easy management

Easy to manage call routing and the accessibility of a user.

Useful mobile application

The mobile application enables fast and managing presence information in real-time.


There’s no need for physical investments, and the billing is based on actual usage.

DNA Virtual PBX adapts along with the needs of various user groups


Mobile application

Edit, e.g., your presence information and call settings on DNA Call mobile application. You can have multiple phone numbers and devices in use, and you can be part of more than one hunting group simultaneously.


Call forwarding

You can forward incoming calls via a web-based attendant application. Edit and browse all employee presence information and telephone directory and add new contacts outside the service to the telephone directory.


Easy management

As the main user of your company, you can manage, e.g., other users, group members, hunting groups, menu services settings and bulletins. You can schedule your standard reports to be delivered between specific periods.

DNA Virtual PBX features

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