Business subscriptions

Keep up with the changing world with fast connections and make DNA's network part of your successful business. Discover our subscriptions and choose your speed!

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Connections for all your business needs

You can keep your business with the changing world with DNA connections. By providing fast mobile and internet connections for your employees, you can take work efficiency to a whole new level. With 5G and 4G connections, you can ensure your company stays connected wherever you are. You should also check out our IoT subscriptions to harness the Internet of Things for your business!

Mobile phone subscriptions

DNA Business Unlimited 5G and 4G subscriptions are the best choice for mobile work. The subscriptions include standard domestic calls at normal rates and unlimited mobile data in Finland, the Nordics, and the Baltics. The subscriptions also have a fixed EU data package included in the monthly fee.

Internet subscriptions

DNA has a variety of internet subscriptions to suit different business needs. DNA Corporate Internet offers a wide range of features for the most demanding businesses. DNA Corporate Broadband caters for smaller offices and remote working, and DNA Mobile Broadband allows you to work wherever you want.

IoT/M2M subscriptions 

DNA Connectivity IoT subscriptions are designed to transfer data between sensors, devices, and systems. The IoT subscriptions use the quality DNA mobile network and are easily managed through the DNA Control Center interface.


How do I choose the right subscription?

The best subscription choice depends on the needs and requirements of your company and the subscription user. Requirements often relate to data transfer speeds; for example, if files and videos need to be downloaded quickly on a phone, desktop or tablet, you need faster connections. Suppose the subscription user travels within the EU from time to time. In that case, the size of the EU data package should also be considered when choosing a subscription.

The maximum internet speed for each type of connection will show you what use each subscription is best suited for.

Light usage 1–10 Mbps
Light usage can be simplified to light surfing and basic email usage, and at 10 Mbps for downloading small files, listening to music and watching low-quality videos.

Normal use 50–300 Mbps
We define normal usage as surfing the web and using email, watching 4K videos, downloading larger files, and sharing the internet with another device with faster connections. 4K videos are around 4,000 pixels wide and four times as sharp as Full HD videos.

Demanding use 4001000 Mbps
The speed for demanding use meets the needs of high-speed, low-latency applications and situations where speed is required when sharing the internet with other devices. Low-latency situations include the use of heavy applications such as in gaming.

What additional services are available for subscriptions?

We offer the following additional services:

  • With Multi-SIM, you can use your subscription on several devices at the same time. The service is also available for the Apple Watch smartwatch.
  • DNA Safe Browsing is a service for business mobile subscriptions that protects customers from the most well-known malicious websites, phishing attempts, and malware.
  • DNA Reissudata allows users to order a data package via text message when travelling outside the EU.

In addition to these additional services, we offer other solutions for business subscriptions, such as the cloud-based Virtual PBX for routing incoming calls to free employees and managing status information, and DNA Business Reports, which provide a comprehensive view into your customership, including your company's subscription usage and costs.

Which type of SIM card can I choose my business subscription?

TrioSIM is the familiar plastic SIM card from which you can choose the size you need (mini, macro, nano). The plastic parts of DNA SIM cards are made from recycled plastic.
eSIM is an electronic SIM card that can be connected to any DNA subscription. Please check that your device supports eSIM before ordering it.
You can also get a Multi-SIM additional service for your business subscription, which allows you to use your subscription on several devices at the same time, such as your phone and smartwatch. The service is also available for the Apple Watch smartwatch.