Efficient and secure data centre services for businesses and operators

DNA is responsible for critical servers for your business 24/7/365.

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Get top-quality server capacity flexibly

DNA provides comprehensive, flexible, and secure data centre services for various data communications needs. With these services, you will receive a high-availability server environment measured for your company’s needs and data centre spaces without any extra investments in equipment facilities, server systems or expertise.

Our data centre services will fulfil your company’s needs regarding different data centre equipment services, efficient servers or server disk backup. Data centre services are suitable for companies of all sizes, easy to bring to use, and optimally flexible to your company’s needs.

DNA’s own certified experts monitor and maintain our data centres, the provided services and server solutions. DNA Data Centre services are provided in Finland at data centres owned and maintained by DNA. DNA Data Centre services enable top-quality facility solutions, system resourcing, and user services for your company. In addition, the expert DNA Service Desk will support named contact persons of your company 24 hours a day.

Fast server solutions

Flexible equipment facility and server solutions are easy to bring to use according to your needs.

Cost-efficiency for your data administration

Avoid investments in your own equipment facility and server equipment and foreshadow expenses.

Highly secure environment

Certified experts of the field maintain your business-critical IT services in highly secure DNA’s own data centres and equipment facilities in Finland.

DNA Data Centre services

Easy to expand and adaptable equipment cabinet services at DNA’s own highly monitored and energy-efficient data centres. DNA provides duplicated power supply and data connections for the customer’s equipment.

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DNA Server

Flexible server capacity with fixed monthly payment. Service options are shared capacity, virtual server, dedicated server, and a dedicated server with a virtual platform.

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Ensure top-quality server capacity

We provide efficient and secure data centre services for your company’s data connection needs.

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