Driveco conquers the export market with DNA as a partner

Driveco Oy has already exported its vehicle analysis service to 20 countries. DNA Mobile Subscription connects the vehicles’ use and consumption analysers to a cloud service.

Driveco’s service consists of an analyser that is connected to a vehicle’s OBD channel, via which it collects data from the vehicle’s IT systems. The device also contains an acceleration transducer and GPS locator. Data is transferred to Driveco’s cloud service, where it is easily accessible to customers via a user-friendly app.

Driveco uses DNA’s M2M subscriptions for data transfer. Matti Liedes, the company’s CEO and founder, says that his entire business relies on secure and reliable mobile connections between devices.

“We take end-to-end responsibility for service functionality, which is why we must be certain that our partner is diligent in handling their part. DNA has been outstanding in meeting our expectations,” says Liedes.

He praises DNA’s investments in developing M2M subscriptions in recent years.
“We continually need new features for the service. DNA closely follows technological advances and is well able to meet our changing needs.”

Liedes says that DNA’s service and pricing models also suit his customers’ varying needs.
“Some services generate and transfer a lot of data, while others only require occasional data transfers. DNA offers a sensible option for all of the services used by our customers.”


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