Secure Remote Connections

In the age of remote and mobile work, people need the possibility of working effortlessly and securely, regardless of location.

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Offer remote users secure connections to your company’s files and services

If your company can’t ensure how secure connections the remote users use to connect to your networks, the data security risk level will rise. Also, signing in information in the wrong hands is a typical security risk. 

You can provide users with secure connections to the internal company network with a protected VPN connection. A strong, two-factor authentication ensures that only the appropriate users can sign in to your company’s data systems. This way, you can decrease the risk of data system breaches and protect the internal company network data efficiently. 

Smooth and data secure remote work

Protect your internal company network services and data

Decrease the risk of data system breaches

VPN remote connection

DNA Secure Client provides employees and partners with a secure remote VPN connection to your internal company network services and data. The service scales according to the needs of your company.

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Strong Authentication

DNA Strong Authentication adds strong, two-step authentication to remote connections. It always requires the user to be identified based on two separate factors, which reduces the security risk of remote connections.

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DNA Zero Trust Network Access additional services offer scalable and easy-to-deploy information security solutions for smooth and worry-free hybrid work.

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When connected to Internet connections, the remote connection will bring your company’s internal company network services to use regardless of the location. 

Corporate network service intertwines with remote connections as a logical pair.

Access management is an efficient and flexible way to manage your company network and data systems access rights.

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