Functioning and secure data connections

With DNA’s quality network solutions, you ensure smooth connections.

Ensure your business continuity with secure and reliable network services

When working in the online environment, your company’s connections must work seamlessly, fast and securely. The most cost-effective solution for network needs is to acquire them as a full service. This way, your company can focus on the business itself.

A high-quality and secure network is a requirement for a successful business. Therefore, DNA has combined fixed and mobile network solutions, operator-level security and our expertise – resulting in easy full-service, flexible to your company’s size and needs. Also, you will receive needed connections abroad, remote offices and cloud nerve centres.

Comprehensive and reliable network services ensure that your company personnel can use the internal company connections as well as public internet securely and efficiently. DNA’s network services are based on secure and nearly 40. 000 km optic-fibre.

Offer smooth working solutions to your personnel in every situation. Transform the complicated to simple with us – and make your work easier!

Reliable connections to your company’s locations and between them, and for mobile work

The services are flexible according to your company’s size and needs

Reliability and top-quality fault tolerance

Easy and cost-effective full service

Make your company’s daily life straightforward and fast

We also offer comprehensive solutions as a service for securely using your company network and its services.

Ensure functioning data connections

Contact us and get your company the high-quality networks as a full-service.

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