IoT boosts buildings’ energy savings

Property owners are seeking increased energy savings via the Internet of Things. Enermix’s Talotohtori service and DNA’s secure subscriptions provide effective solutions for managing technical building systems.

Property owners are seeking new solutions to improve energy efficiency and cost savings via automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Tampere-based company Enermix has developed a property management system called Talotohtori that can be connected to all technical building systems regardless of their manufacturer.

Enermix’s services are used not only by property owners but also by energy companies, design agencies, contractors and developers.

“Talotohtori is currently being used in just over a hundred properties, such as shopping centres, daycare centres and apartment buildings. Our goal is for it to be used in 10,000 properties by 2020,” says Enermix’s CEO and founder Janne Heinonen.

DNA provides secure connections

In its remote management systems, Enermix harnesses DNA Business M2M subscriptions to monitor and administer devices over a wireless network.

“I admire DNA’s proactive and innovative approach. As an SME, we have received excellent support from DNA during demanding projects, including those with major customers.”

Heinonen says that DNA’s subscriptions are ideal for building system management, as each site is within a secure network and protected from denial of service attacks.

Enermix is involved in a DNA pilot project that provides better connections to the Internet of Things with the aid of new Narrow Band IoT technology.

The benefits of this 4G-network-based technology include long battery life and reliability for devices in challenging coverage areas.

“Narrow Band IoT is well suited to sites with a relatively small volume of transferred data. A typical example would be the remote reading of energy or water meters,” says Heinonen.


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