Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 enables smooth internal and external company communication and uncomplicated teamwork on all devices, anywhere and anytime.

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Achieve more with Microsoft 365 services

DNA Office Communications 365 provides tools for efficient teamwork, regardless of the size of your company. DNA offers Microsoft 365 service packages with sensible and flexible pricing as well as expert-level services for installing, learning and support.

Cloud-based Microsoft 365 includes video meetings, instant messaging, email, sharing documents, cloud storage, familiar Office applications, etc. Even regular calls can be connected seamlessly to the Teams application with an additional service, Teams Voice.

Seamless and secure work

Your personnel can use familiar and secure Microsoft applications with all devices – anywhere, anytime.

Always up-to-date software versions

Cloud-based service ensures software updates without extra worrying.

Save up in costs

Your company will receive an accurately measured service package that is flexible to changing needs.

Work flexibly regardless of location

  • Straightforward teamwork: With Microsoft Teams, you can have video meetings and conversations and share and edit documents simultaneously with others.
  • Familiar Office tools: In your use are Office applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote.
  • Email and calendar: With the Exchange Online service, you can message securely and share your calendar. You can secure your email privacy by sending them protected.
  • Cloud storage: With OneDrive for Business, you can backup documents securely and share them with other users.
  • Websites: With the Sharepoint website tool, you can create workspaces and sites. You can restrict access rights and share documents easily and securely to groups within or outside your organisation.

Comprehensive installing, learning and expert services for Microsoft 365 environments are also available.

Check out the DNA Office Communications 365 service packages

Various levels of service packages are available. Contact our business sales to get you the services for your company’s needs.

Business service packages
      Business Basic   Apps for Business Business Standard Business Premium
Price**   5,00 €/mo.* 8,80 €/mo.* 10,50 €/mo.* 18,60 €/mo.
Office desktop applications  


x x x
Office Online  


x x x
Exchange Online  


- x x

OneDrive for Business - cloud storage 1 Tt



x x x
Microsoft Teams -collaboration tools  


- x x
Sharepoint Online  


- x x
DNA customer service  


x x x
Advanced protection   - - - x
Device management   - - - x

* In addition, an opening fee of 50€ for 1-9 license orders.
** Prices from 12 months subscription period.

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