It is pointless for your company to use its resources to maintain a firewall. Instead, you can get an expert-managed firewall service from DNA and protect your company from attacks without needless risks or using your own resources.

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Firewall service protects your company network effortlessly

Maintaining a firewall requires routine and up-to-date know-how because threats keep evolving as businesses evolve. The most effortless and secure way to control a firewall is to have it as a managed service. And your data security increases significantly.

With a firewall service, your company will always receive comprehensive features to defend itself from the attacks coming from the internet to the company network and from possibly contaminated devices trafficking from the company’s network to the internet.

Versatile and easily managed firewall services help monitor and manage network content and performance and divide the parts of the network into different data security levels.

The new generation smart firewall stays up to speed with the latest threats, proactively reacting if threats appear. Firewall filters the unwanted data traffic and malware as well as recognises and stops attacks efficiently

Ensure your business continuity cost-efficiently, without the need to maintain a firewall by yourself

Protect your internal company network– firewall recognises and stops the possible attacks from the internet

Adjust your firewall service easily to meet your company’s needs

Choose a firewall service fitting your company's needs

DNA Muuri

This compact network firewall is designed by DNA’s experts and releases your company of the trouble from adjusting all the settings by yourself. Using the service does not require any knowledge of data security.

DNA Security Gateway

This top-quality firewall service is tailored for your company in implementation as well as functionality. You can get the service as a network firewall from DNA’s data centre or as equipment placed to your company’s location. In addition, the service includes a firewall for the most common virtualisation platforms and installation to a public cloud.

What is a firewall?

  • Firewall stops unauthorised access, especially from the internet to the company network. It forms a secure gateway to different networks and enables network traffic visibility and management.
  • The firewall is controlled with predefined rules, automatically filtering everything unnecessary from the data traffic.
  • Firewall can filter traffic between, e.g., the internal company network and internet or different security level segments of the data centre’s network.
  • Differentiating devices and business-critical applications to their own segments is possible with networks and network segments, making it achievable to define the possible effects of data security problems.

See also

Corporate network, corporate internet and local area networks are specific services that should be protected with a firewall.

Protection from DDoS attacks will complement the firewall security by protecting the internet traffic already in DNA’s backbone network in case of denial-of-service attacks.

Data security of endpoint devices will complement the firewall security by protecting the endpoints and servers.

Secure your business

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