Group SMS Messages

Targeted SMS reaches the customers and will be read. With the DNA Message service, you can send group text messages to customers and your personnel in a flash. The service enables answering the messages as well.

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With SMS messages, you can reach your focus group fast, effectively, and cost-efficiently

DNA Message is an SMS message service that enables group messaging to mobile phones and answering the messages. With the service, it is possible to, e.g., send targeted sales and marketing messages, communicate to your personnel about important company events or inform customers and stakeholders of faulty and error situations via SMS messages. In addition, it is possible to gather customer feedback, do scheduling and give out reminders as a part of your working customer service.

Sending SMS messages even for large groups is possible

You will reach the right people efficiently and receive answers to questions quickly if needed

When you can automatise, e.g., scheduling or gathering customer feedback, customer satisfaction increases

DNA Message in a nutshell

  • DNA Message can be implemented either as a one-way or two-way service. In the case of a two-way service, the customers can answer the received SMS messages.
  • The fastest way to start using the DNA Message is through a web browser which will take only a few minutes. You only need a working internet connection and user ID for the DNA Message application to use the service.
  • Alternatively, you can use the service through the interface and integrate it to be part of your company’s own operating systems.

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