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Reach efficiency in hybrid work with 5G and 4G mobile internet

DNA’s mobile broadband allows you to enjoy quality and smooth internet connections and work nearly everywhere in Finland. You can also improve your business continuity by using DNA’s Mobile broadband as a backup connection for your office.

A high-speed mobile internet connection is essential when working from the office, at home and when travelling. Using DNA’s Mobile broadband is effortless. You can connect your laptop or tablet with or without a USB router if your device has a SIM card slot. DNA's 4G network covers more than 99,6 % of the Finnish population, and our rapidly expanding 5G network (in Finnish) covers 77 %. All our Mobile broadband subscriptions include a fixed EU data package, making it an excellent work companion when travelling in the EU and EAA countries.

You can also manage your subscriptions and users through YritysDNA self-service or DNA’s business customer service. As our business customer, you can also subscribe to additional services, e.g., DNA Business Reports, that provide an overview of how your company uses its service subscriptions and what your invoices and costs are consisted of.

DNA's 4G network covering more than 99 % of the Finnish population and the rapidly expanding 5G network guarantee that our business customers have the opportunity to do their work quickly, efficiently and reliably nationwide.

Deal of the month!

DNA Mobile Broadband 5G XXL+ is available in discounted price for the entire month of June!

21,95 €/month/12 months

Opening fee 6,90 €/subscription. Fixed-term contract 12 months for discounted price. After the fixed-term period the monthly price is 29,90 €/month. The deal is available until 30.6.2024 and concerns new subscriptions and subscriptions transferred to DNA.

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Frequently asked questions

What is mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband is mobile broadband, which is especially intended to facilitate remote work, business trips and sales meetings. When the internet is always with you, you are not dependent on, for example, a public network or exposed to security threats from a public connection.

Mobile broadband can also be used as a backup connection to the office. With Mokkula, you can share the Internet to several devices at once, i.e. you create a WiFi network. Please note that the connection speed affects how many devices you can share the internet with.

With which devices can I use mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband works on laptops and tablets. The Internet connection works either with a SIM card or a mobile phone, if the device does not have a slot for a SIM card and does not support eSIM functionality. From Mokkula, you can conveniently share the internet to several devices.

How do I activate mobile broadband?

SIM card: you will receive a TrioSIM card with your order, which includes all card sizes (macro, mini, nano). If your device supports eSIM functionality, you can also get your SIM card as an eSIM card.

Mokkula: you can share the internet connection to several different devices using mokkula. In addition, our selection includes a compact battery-powered travel scooter. Mokkula is not included in the Liikkuva broadband service, but must be purchased separately.

Does mobile broadband work abroad?

In EU and EEA countries, you use mobile broadband equal to the EU data package of your subscription.

Outside the EU, data usage is charged per country.

Country-specific data usage prices can be found in the roaming price list. You can view the price lists and familiarize yourself with the instructions here.

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