Internationalization of an invoicing company is easy when the telecommunications services is a one-stop-shop business

When Ropo Capital’s CIO Heikki Parkkonen got involved in choosing a partner to be Ropo’s telecommunications service provider in 2018, little did he anticipate that Ropo and their new telecommunications partner DNA would set out on parallel paths of internationalization.

Ropo Capital, a provider of invoice lifecycle management services, took its first step towards internationalization in 2019 when it acquired a Swedish credit management company Colligent Inkasso. The same year, DNA also became a major Nordic player in one fell swoop when it agreed to merge with Telenor.

“Our internationalization is well supported by the fact that we can rely on the same partner in all countries, especially now that we have expanded our operations not only to Sweden but also to Norway,” Heikki Parkkonen says.

“Our daily life is made much easier due to the fact that regardless of the country we are operating in, all of our contacts can be handled from a single location via one channel.”

Fail-proof 24/7 connections are vital for a company like Ropo. There is no room for interruptions in the invoicing services management business.

“We have worked closely with DNA to achieve the best possible reliability. So far, we have succeeded very well. When, for example, Covid-19 moved people on a large scale to work from their homes, we had no issues with remote connections, as the capacity could handle it,” says Parkkonen.

When Ropo started its operations in Finland, its advanced technology and growth needs required the ability to scale up their data center and there was also a need to utilize the latest technologies. Now, cloud services have evolved to the point that the necessary functionalities and capacity can be acquired from the cloud.

“The advantage of cloud services is that we can scale up much faster and our operations are more agile. As an example, a few years ago an migration project would have taken 6–9 months. Now a similar operation can be done in about two months. Staying at the forefront of development and the ability to expand rapidly into new markets is crucial to us,” says Parkkonen.

Ropo is upgrading its network infrastructure together with DNA to meet future needs.

“As Ropo grows, we need more and more innovative solutions for telecommunications. DNA is an excellent partner to us – one that also dares to challenge us and proactively develop new ideas.”

We streamlined our customer’s business with these solutions:

  • Mobile subscriptions Finland (DNA), Sweden (Telenor)
  • IP Switchboard + Advania voice services
  • DNA Messaging Interface Service
  • DNA Corporate Internet Subscriptions
  • DNA Nordic Connect
  • DNA SGW Cluster
  • DNA WLAN Device Management
  • DNA LAN Device Management
  • DNA SGW Public Cloud - Azure