Protection against Denial-of-Service attacks

Tens of thousands of DDoS attacks take place every year in Finland alone. If your company is a victim of a DDoS attack, your webshop or similar services you provide will be jammed, and your business stops. Protection is necessary if you want to avoid possible losses. 

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Protect your company against Denial-of-Service attacks  

DNA DDoS Protection ensures your company’s business continuity online, even if a Denial-of-Service attack tries to paralyse your services. Automated protection in DNA’s backbone network filters and diminishes the attacks. Because of the protection, the firewall and servers will work normal, doing their regular job regardless of the attacks. 

The attacks can’t be stopped entirely, but they can be recognised and weakened on time with automated protection. Also, the protection ensures that your company’s own servers or IoT devices won’t be used without your knowledge as tools of DDoS attacks. In other words, you will avoid reputational risks. 

Internet connections should always be protected from Denial-of-Service attacks. 

The DNA DDoS Protection service is also available in the DNA Wholesale supply.

The service weakens the attack already in DNA’s backbone network, enabling carefree business continuity online

Protection from reputational risks – your devices cannot be harnessed as tools for attacks.

Easiness and speed provided with automated attack recognition and diminishing measures.

What is DNA DDoS Protection? 

  • The service analyses traffic and recognises possible denial-of-service attacks automatically. 
  • Since the diminishing of the attack takes place already in the edge of DNA’s backbone network, the traffic won’t jam the company's internet subscription, firewall or other devices which use online services. 
  • A rapid increase in traffic or some unusual traffic is a clear sign of an attack. 
  • The service filters the most common Denial-of-Service attacks and takes active measures in stopping these attacks. 
  • DNA’s backbone network’s capacity can hold even a significant Denial-of-Service attack. The backbone network’s multi-level protection diminishes the attacks. 
  • The scrubbing centre has a crucial role in removing extra attack traffic and supporting regular functions of the services. 

What is a Denial-of-Service attack?

A Denial-of-Service attack (DoS) aims to paralyse the targeted system’s functions. Typically, the attack will overflow the data connection, network device or the server’s capacity, at which time the business essential traffic is disrupted or denied. 

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack means often hacked device bot network, where the user possesses even thousands of devices. 

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Protecting your Internet connections from denial-of-service attacks already in DNA's backbone network is an efficient way to ensure business continuity and protection.

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