Helsinki Region Transport HSL organises a million trips a day 

Helsinki Region Transport HSL organises two thirds of all of Finland’s public transport – about a million trips a day. The operation is controlled by a unique real-time information system. The number of transactions in the mobile phone network is equivalent to that of many banks.

A huge and extremely complex operation is under way in the Helsinki region every day. Helsinki Regional Transport Authority organises the public transport in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and six other municipalities. The fleet consists of about 1,500 buses, 150 trains and 125 trams, with approximately 25,000 departures a day. The system also includes thousands of ticket sales equipment.

A new modern, real-time information system is being built for traffic control. The means of transport will transmit information about their location every second, so that the entire public transport can be tracked in real time.

“Now we know where all means of transport are actually moving, instead of how they should be moving,” says HSL’s IT Manager Seppo Perkiö.

This data is transferred in DNA’s mobile phone network, with the system consisting of some 1,800 M2M subscriptions. Tens of millions of transactions are transmitted each day over the network, which corresponds to the number of transaction of a medium-sized Finnish bank.

Perkiö says that the connections must be reliable, as they are critical to HSL operations.

“If, for example, the ticket system connections do not work, single tickets cannot be used, and we lose a lot of revenue,” he says.

DNA is using features in its telecommunications connections to improve reliability and information security. The system’s connections are isolated in DNA’s network into a separate virtual network, meaning they are separate from the traffic of other users. The system also uses hardware and SIM cards designed for demanding use, being resistant to vibration and high temperature differences.

DNA’s connections have always worked without a hitch,” says Perkiö.

DNA has also provided HSL with fixed network solutions for their business premises and network connections between them. "These telecommunications solutions have also worked well. We have been very happy with the cooperation with DNA," says Perkiö.

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