Internal Office Connections

DNA Cloud LAN ensures reliable connections to network services within one office location. Either implemented as a fixed or wireless, the internal company network is secure and straightforward.

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Intelligent and cloud-based local area network – an efficient and secure solution for your business

DNA Cloud LAN offers a high-quality and secure cloud-managed local network solution. Utilising artificial intelligence, this user-friendly solution makes managing your local network cost-effective and straightforward.

Designed for businesses seeking an easy and secure local network solution, DNA Cloud LAN provides unified visibility into the network. The cloud-managed and AI-equipped solution offers extensive additional features and cost efficiency in management. Thanks to Cloud LAN's scalability, you can effortlessly set up your company's local network, whether you have one or several locations.

The DNA Cloud LAN service offers a comprehensively managed network, making network management more apparent and more efficient. The solution also significantly enhances your company's data security. With DNA Cloud LAN, you can focus entirely on your business as experts manage your company's local network, and situational status is always up-to-date. By acquiring the local network solution and internet service from DNA, you can trust your company's network's security, logic, and reliability.

DNA administers, monitors, and maintains your company's network environment around the clock and responds to faults according to the agreed service level. You can deploy the service from scratch or transfer your existing network environment to be managed by DNA. The service has been developed in collaboration with HPE Aruba, a leading industry player specialising in enterprise-level wireless and secure network connections.

Your users will receive reliable and data secure connections to services

Smooth work with the LAN’s guaranteed coverage

Free yourself from the trouble of maintaining and managing

DNA Cloud LAN in a nutshell

  • Modern, fast, and reliable network service
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity integrated within the network solution
  • Full-service network solution including fixed or wireless network technology (LAN/WLAN) and coverage mapping
  • Implementation of a guest network (Guest-LAN)
  • Connecting the customer’s own devices to the solution is possible, provided they are compatible
  • Setting up the office's internal network, integrating with WAN connections, network management, maintenance, and monitoring  – all conducted according to the agreed service level
  • Cloud platform and AI enhance local network maintenance, making tasks such as ticket handling and problem detection more efficient
  • The solution can be supplemented with various additional services that move your company towards comprehensive and secure Zero Trust architecture. Among these options is the DNA Access Control service, which enables device identification and micro-segmentation
  • 24/7 technical support

Data secure office solution with centred management

You can also implement the DNA Cloud LAN solution connected to the DNA Secure SD-WAN service. In this case, all office networks can be managed centred with one data security policy. The fixed network switches in all locations and the wireless local area networks base stations integrate seamlessly to the Secure SD-WAN endpoint device. Read more about Secure SD-WAN service, or feel free to contact our customer service.

What is a Local Area Network?

  • Local area network (LAN) is an internal, geographically limited telecommunications network, e.g., at a company’s single office space or household.
  • Within a local area network, the data travels between devices either on a fixed LAN via an Ethernet cable, or on a wireless WLAN through a base station (Wireless LAN).
  • A single LAN connects via a router to the internet and company locations to the comprehensive corporate network.

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Firewall protects the Local Area Network, applications and workstations from threats efficiently, and provides a chance to monitor and manage the content as well as capacity of the network. 

Corporate Network connects your office networks into a closed, data secure corporate network, at which time the Local Area Network services can be used in all locations. 

Internet connections with various implementations straight from local locations. 

Access management limits appropriate access to the internal company network and its services user and device group-specifically, and the implementation of guest network services. 

Ensure functioning data connections

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