DNA Colocation save data governance costs

DNA owns and manages colocations, in which your company can extend and manage your own data connections according to different situations and needs.

Your company will receive secure spaces for your own data connection equipment and avoid equipment facility investments, thereby saving overall data governance costs.

Simultaneously the previously used company spaces are freed for more practical use, and for instance, you can move your office location without interruptions.

Flexible service model

The service is easy to edit along with your changing colocation needs.

The service is easy to edit along with your changing colocation needs

Colocations and equipment facilities are cooled down with technologies that meet your company’s most strict responsibility requirements.

Ensured electricity and data connections

Duplicated electricity, reserve power, and data connections ensure your business continuity.

DNA Colocation features

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DNA DDoS Protection protects your company against denial-of-service attacks and ensures business continuity.

DNA Cloud Connect connects your network securely and seamlessly to the leading cloud services.

DNA Corporate Internet is the right choice when your business requires high performance and fault tolerance from your data connections. Separately customer-specifically defined firewall can be connected to Corporate Internet as an additional service.

DNA Corporate Network enables the possibility of connecting your colocation to be part of your company’s own protected DNA Business network service and other data connection services provided by DNA.

Ensure top-quality server capacity

We provide efficient and secure data centre services for your company’s data connection needs.

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