Payment Terminals

DNA Payment Terminal service includes everything you need for successful card payment processing.

DNA Payment Terminal – fast and secure payment processing

Our service packages include: a payment terminal, also known as point-of-sale (POS) terminal, credit card terminal, EFTPOS terminal, the required software and connections, as well as a payment processing service. You will receive the DNA Payment Terminal quickly, and you can be a customer of any bank when using the service.

The service is flexible according to your needs

DNA Payment Terminal service is suitable for small and large companies, shops and pop-up locations, as well as short- and long-term use. Various service packages are available, and if needed, you can change the contract type in the middle of the contract period. You can complete the service according to your company’s needs with comprehensive additional services.

What does the DNA Payment Terminal Service include?
  • Mobile 4G/Wifi payment terminal and replacement device service. If your terminal gets broken, you will receive a replacement device within 8 hours.
  • Required software, maintaining and intermediary service, including payment terminal transaction certificate routing and payment transaction.
  • Nets card processing service. Card processing service is always needed when using a payment terminal. Nets group acts as the payment processing merchant. They have the widest selection of agreements with various credit card companies, ensuring that the payment terminal works with as many cards as possible.
  • Reporting service and MyPayments mobile application provide a clear view of your business as well as new and more specific information of the customer base.
  • Customer support 24/7.
Additional services
  • Additional Tipping feature eases the tipping when the customer can type the wanted amount of tip when paying with a card.
  • Multi-user feature primarily serves entrepreneurs who share an office but have their own bank accounts, even if they are customers of different banks. With the multi-user feature, everyone will receive their customer payments to their own bank accounts.
  • With the DCC currency exchange service, you can offer your customers a chance to pay in their own currency with Visa or Mastercard. You will receive the payments in euros.
  • Multi-seller additional feature enables the chance to examine individual salesperson’s sales.
  • Replacement device service with a 4 h response time.

Fast connections make the payment process smooth and convenient

You can get a fitting mobile connection for the payment terminal service from us. Ask our business sales for more information!

DNA Payment Terminal is a secure choice

DNA Payment Terminal service meets the safety requirements of the card companies and authorities. All the traffic between the terminal, certificate and certificate provider is secure and encrypted.

Wireless Ingenico Move3500 

Your shops are always connected with Move3500. The terminal meets the latest security requirements and will remain serviceable far into the future.

  • Menu with function keys is fast to use.
  • Contactless payment reader placed on the top of the screen.
  • The terminal can be used with 4G and Wifi connections.
  • Provided with a charging station.
  • Car charger and docking station with fixed connections are available as additional accessories.
Technical information
  • PCI PTS: Class 5
  • Contactless payment: NFC
  • Screen: 3,2” 320 X 240 pixels
  • Size: 169 x 57 x 78 mm
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Data connection: 4G roaming SIM, Wifi
  • Battery:  2200 mAh

Towards better customer experiences

Ensure a convenient service experience and payment process. Ask more about our payment terminals or request an offer!

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