Corporate Network (LAN & Campus Networking)

DNA offers efficient services for your company to build a corporate network either as an MPLS or SD-WAN solution, connecting all your office locations.

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The way for you to connect your office Local Area Networks, cloud services, mobile devices and IoT sensors

DNA provides you with the means to connect mobile devices to the corporate network, connect to leading cloud services, connect computers and devices with IoT sensors to a private mobile network.

When your company has multiple locations and Local Area Networks, you require ways to connect them together and them to the same corporate network so that all locations have access to the company’s internal services and same network resources. The main ways to implement the corporate networks are MPLS and SD-WAN. DNA carries out both options tailored to your company’s needs – a hybrid solution of the two is also possible.

All the corporate network service's reliable data connections are based on DNA’s comprehensive, nearly 40 000 km long backbone network in Finland, our trusted partner networks abroad, comprehensive network monitoring and our expert personnel.

Reliable and secure corporate network for your needs

Cost-efficient options available in Finland and internationally

Easy and certain corporate network connections also to the leading cloud services and with mobile subscriptions

DNA Corporate Network (MPLS)

The most typical implementation of corporate networks is the robust and proven MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching). The operator defines the features your business needs for the network and takes end-to-end operational responsibility for them. In Finland, MPLS is a very cost-effective alternative to the corporate network.

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Secure SD-WAN

A secure software-driven SD-WAN solution is a new way to implement enterprise networks. Telecommunications can use either a uniform MPLS network or various Internet connections. In the home, SD-WAN is great, especially if your business wants the ability to centrally manage the features and security of remote office networks and make changes to them quickly. Freedom in the choice of connection method brings flexibility and cost savings not only in Finland but also in connecting foreign locations to the corporate network.

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Complete corporate network solutions

Your corporate network can be expanded with DNA Corporate Network, DNA Cloud Connect and DNA Private Network.

DNA Customer-specific APN

With DNA's Customer-specific APN service, you can easily integrate mobile users into a single network or connect your business to an intranet.

DNA Cloud Connect

With DNA's Cloud connect, you can directly access leading cloud services from your corporate network.

DNA Private Network

A private network means a private mobile network in a limited area to which it is easy to connect. For example, machines from a factory, logistics center or mine.

What is a corporate network?

  • Corporate range data connection that connects all locations into a seamless Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • It is implemented by an operator.
  • Subscription can be implemented with office location’s fixed fibre and copper connections and DNA’s high coverage 5G/4G mobile networks.
  • The most typical implementation technique is steady and measured MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching).
  • The corporate network can also be implemented as an SD-WAN concept.
  • Efficiency depends on the connection technology of the location.
  • The highest speed with a fibre subscription can be 10 Gbit/s.

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Firewall enables segmenting your company’s network, which will increase data security and efficiently protect servers, databases, applications, and workstations from the threats of the web. Firewall also provides tools to monitor and control the content and capacity of the network.

DNA Local Area Network (the internal connections in the office) forms your corporate network’s local backbone to which each user in every office location can connect securely.

Internet connections together with the corporate network enable efficient use of company intranet and public cloud services.

DNA’s data centres in Finland and DNA Cloud Connect to public cloud services connect your businesses central services to the corporate network.

With access management and remote connection services, you can define appropriate access to the intranet and its services for various user groups.

Company-specific mobile data network connects mobile users to your company intranet.

Ensure functioning data connections

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