Wulff agents engage in modern sales work on the road

Wulff agents tour Finland and the Nordic countries selling office and workplace products, IT and ergonomics supplies, and first aid equipment. People from Wulff Entre, which provides the Group’s international trade fair services, travel all across the globe. 

When you’re doing business on the road, you have to have the right digital tools. Wulff decided to enter into an extensive partnership with DNA in late 2014 after having previously acquired the same services from several different companies. 

“We wanted a partner who would understand that both we and the way we work are changing with the world – and sometimes very quickly. We must be able to trust in our partner’s expertise. DNA is a dynamic and development-oriented company, a relatively young blood compared to the others,” says Ari Hagström, the Wulff Group’s Director of Procurement and Logistics.

A single partner can enable more strategic development. Hagström praises DNA’s approach to partnerships. DNA makes sure to conduct a situation analysis, requirements review and future assessment with Wulff every quarter. DNA also ensures that Wulff is not paying for anything unnecessary. 

“During these meetings, we throw new ideas onto the table and find shared areas for development. I like these regular meetings a lot, as we both really do try to find ways of boosting business,” says Hagström. 

For example, some of the subscriptions provided to Wulff are package subscriptions, while others are basic pay-per-use subscriptions. Not everyone necessarily needs a data transfer service, so there’s no need to pay for one. Some employees also have mobile broadband to ensure secure remote working.

Wulff has around 230 employees in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The company has a strong foothold in improving everyday working life. Modern tools also enable remote working, which improves employees’ work-life balance. 

“Digital communications tools are vital for us. Now that you can take your data with you, we have been able to switch to modern, mobile sales work without any difficulties. We have numerous agents all across Finland and make great use of, for instance, team-specific telephone conferences,” says Hagström. 


These are the solutions we use to develop our customers’ business

DNA Corporate Network

DNA Mobile Switchboard

DNA Optimi subscriptions 

DNA Mobile Broadband

DNA Office Communications