Engines and sales purr when the connections work

O.K. Auto, headquartered in Jyväskylä, operates nationwide in Finland. The company and its employees place particular emphasis on customer orientation and understanding customer needs which is why they demand the same from their partners. With the help of DNA, O.K. Auto has ensured secure and working connections.

O.K. Auto has six full-service car dealerships across Finland and three Hämeen Autovaruste car dealerships focusing on retail and brand-specific repair services. Working days can often be difficult to predict - although 30 years of experience in the industry makes the predicting easier, laughs Harri Lätti, managing director of the stores.

"Car dealership offers an interesting and challenging work environment, with a wide range of tasks to choose from. We offer our customers all the services they need for their cars. From car sales to spare parts and various maintenance services," Lätti describes.

Lätti has a total of around 230 subordinates who need working connections for a smooth workflow.
"We get everything from mobile phone subscriptions to firewalls from DNA. In two years of partnership, we have not had a single problem with connectivity, not even in the transition phase. We have been satisfied across the board with the overall service provided by DNA," says Lätti.

Success is a two-way street

O.K. Auto was convinced of DNA's expertise and services since the first contact: the offer was made on time, and from start to finish, there was a designated person of contact from DNA.

"We had confidence that things would work, and everything was clear. I cannot stress enough the importance our person of contact, Juha Rauhala, had for us. He answers questions and is available for contacts. It's important that information travels accordingly."

Juha Rauhala, Sales Manager at DNA, is pleased with the praises but points out that a good relationship is a two-way street. When the customer delivers the required information within the agreed timeframe, it is easier for the service provider to succeed in his own work.

"We have a whole team working and supporting the salesperson in charge, from technical experts to the project manager. Things run smoothly with O.K. Auto when everyone works towards a common goal. The most important thing is to find a common understanding of the customer's business and needs," Rauhala sums up.

"Switching our service provider has already paid itself back"

Data connectivity is one of the things no one notices except when it's not working. Lätti and O.K. Auto have experience with this, as connecting calls was sometimes challenging with their previous service provider.

"Such situations have completely disappeared since DNA came along: the Virtual PBX service works perfectly, and we hardly even noticed when switching service providers to DNA. The switch was effortless. We just inserted new SIM cards into the phones, and the mobile phone subscriptions were up and running in no time. For a long time, we wondered if we'd dare to switch our service provider, but it has paid itself back many times over."

Car sales is a business that is always in a state of change. For example, when new technology comes rushing into the market and consumer habits change when it comes to making purchasing decisions. According to Lätti, the most important thing is to find the right tools to make things as easy as possible for customers.

"People used to come to the shop to do business, but nowadays, they prefer to do business online and approach through multiple channels. These days cars are presented through videos via WhatsApp, for example. This requires new skills and different tools from our employees than before," says Lätti.