Navidium mining savings from IoT big data

The Finnish company's unique optimisation technology reduces ships’ fuel consumption and emissions significantly. The solutions are based on the analysis of sensor data and numerous data sources.

Headquartered in Oulu, Navidium practically lives off data. The company supplies optimisation solutions to the marine industry based on IoT data collected from the ship's engine and transmission, as well as analysis of numerous conditions. The company's technology helps ships to reduce fuel consumption and hence harmful emissions.

Navidium's solutions are globally unique and the company is growing strongly. Currently with a staff of some 30, Navidium operates not only in Finland but also in the Netherlands and Russia and in its Indian product development centre. In addition to these, two sales offices will soon be opened in China.

In addition to the data generated by the IoT sensors, the Navidium system receives real-time data about weather, ice, wind and ocean currents. This information arrives from tens of thousands of observation points around the world. The amount of data to process increases every second. Reliable storage of the big data that is the basis for Navidium’s analyses is crucial for the company’s business.

Navidium has chosen DNA as the technology provider of its global service centre.The company's systems and data operate on DNA's virtual servers.

"One of our key selection criteria was reliability. DNA was able to guarantee such a quick response to any fault situations without affecting service continuity,” says Vice President Janne Tolonen who is in charge of Navidium's Business Development IoT.

DNA was also able to provide a usage-based pricing model. This is an excellent arrangement for Navidium because it is difficult to estimate the growth rate of big data that must be analysed. If the storage need suddenly goes through the roof, DNA’s service can be scaled accordingly.

"All the services provided by DNA have worked well. Flexibility, scalability and data security are of particular importance to us, and DNA has delivered on all those accounts,” says Janne Tolonen."Data is Navidium's engine. DNA is doing its bit to keep it intact.”

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