New form of data security – corporate data security

As the world and networks become more complex, the security threats facing companies are also becoming more and more complex. Cloud services, remote access, traffic encryption and IoT devices are becoming more common and the tools of cyber crime keep developing. The data security of your company can no longer be designed to simply protect your internal network traffic. That is why we have created a security package that supports your business needs in a changing operating environment. An easy service model ensures the continuity of your business operations and enables you to focus on your business.

Effective data security starts with understanding the business

As it is no longer possible to protect from all threats, it is important to understand what you want to protect and how. You should design your data security services together with your network solution to support your business needs. We build data security services layer by layer, from preventing denial of service attacks within the operator networks to protecting the customer network with firewalls, to access management as well as application and endpoint security. Essential to the new form of data security is visibility to network traffic and identifying and responding to anomalies.

Corporate data security is a multi-layer entity

  • Denial of service attack (DDoS) protection protects and monitors the edge of the network against denial of service attacks within the operator’s core network. All Internet connections should be protected against denial of service attacks.
  • A firewall creates a secure gateway between different networks and enables the visibility and management of network traffic. All Internet and corporate network connections should be protected by a firewall.
  • Networks and network segments can be used to separate, e.g. devices and business-critical applications into their own segments to limit the effects of potential data security issues.
  • Access management creates a single digital identity for users and devices that can be assigned sufficient access rights to network's services needed within each role. Authentication services improve remote connection data security by adding strong authentication to the service.
  • Endpoint security protects the workstations, mobile devices and servers.

DNA’s experts help you to find and maintain a network and data security solution suitable for your company’s needs.

DNA’s data security services

  • Firewall
  • Denial-of-service attack protection
  • Authentication
  • Access management
  • Endpoint security

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