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Appropriate security services ensure business continuity and secure everyday life.

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Protect your business with comprehensive data security services

With DNA’s data security services, your company’s daily life will function safely, efficiently, and appropriately in all situations. An easy service model ensures the continuity of your business in the face of new and evolving cyber threats.

Business needs and the digital environment are continuously changing and becoming more complex. At the same time, the means and ways of cyber criminality are evolving, and the data security risks increase. As a result, maintaining quality data security will become complicated and costly.

The reasons above are why DNA has created a package of data security services, which supports your company cost-efficiently in the changing operational environment. With these expert managed services, you will receive the freedom to focus on your business, save resources and decrease data security risks.

With the right security services, your company data will remain safe, you protect all devices and networks, protect yourself from denial-of-service attacks, and you will receive secure and easily installed remote connections for your personnel. When your company and its needs grow, cloud-based data security services scale flexibly along with your company’s growth.

DNA experts will help you find fitting data security services for your company to secure your business now and in the future.

Data security services ensure business continuity in a constantly changing world 

An easy service model will keep your data security cost-efficiently always up to date

You can focus on your business and decrease data security risks

Business data security requires multiple layers 

We offer comprehensive solutions for securely using your company network and its services.

  • Protection from denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) secures your company’s digital services from intended overloading or crashing. For example, a webshop or website will survive incoming attacks and continue functioning.
  • Firewall service will ensure that all internet, cloud, and corporate network connections are secure.
  • Networks and network segments can differentiate, e.g., devices and business-critical applications, at which time you can define the effects of possible data security issues.
  • Access management creates an individual e-identity for a user. It is possible to assign appropriate access rights to network services for users that suit their work assignments.
  • Authentication increases remote connection data security by adding strong authentication to the service.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) service complements secure remote connections from personnel endpoint devices to your company’s network resources.
  • Endpoint data security protects mobile phones, computers, tablets, and servers.
  • Secure site solution provides end-to-end data security to your location, from firewall and SD-WAN solutions to local networks and endpoint devices with centralised management.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors your environment and reacts to data security risks and anomalies 24/7/365.

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