DNA Server products provide very adjusting, reliable, and easily utilised server capacity located in DNA’s own data centres in Finland to support your business. 

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Speed your business up with efficient servers

DNA Server products enable the company’s own server environment to be flexibly utilised and its development, maintenance and cost anticipation.

DNA provides three different DNA server products consisting of virtual servers with shared capacity and customer-specific dedicated separate servers and virtual server platforms. Each server product’s technical features can be tailored according to your company’s needs.

DNA’s certified experts maintain the server services. Your company’s servers are always connected according to your choice, either to a customer-specific virtual local area network (VLAN) or business-specific data subscription.

Comprehensive package all at once

Your company will receive expert-monitored server systems suitable for your company’s needs in a top-quality data connection environment.

Save in costs and time

You will receive flexible and reliable server capacity cost-efficiently without extra investments.

Top-quality security

You can be certain that the critical IT infrastructure of your business is located in a top-secure facility in Finland.

Features of DNA Server products

Basic features
  • A 100 Mbits DNA Business network or 100 Mbits DNA Internet subscription with the DNA Firewall service with basic firewall rules is included without extra charge. The features can be tailored customer-specifically with separately sold surchargeable additional services and capacity changes, such as increasing speed of data subscriptions and other subscription-specific additional services.
  • Fixed monthly billing contains sold customer-specific server equipment or virtual servers as a service.
  • Server equipment, network and distributed file system monitoring and managing, as well as monitoring and managing the server’s operational systems.
Additional services
  • Server-specific separate SLA, data security, data connection and monitoring services.
  • Server backup, extra disk space, server control and operating system licenses.

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DNA DDoS Protection protects your company against denial-of-service attacks and ensures business continuity.

DNA Access Management ensures that your access rights to your corporate network and operating systems are always in order.

DNA Cloud Connect connects your network securely and seamlessly to the leading cloud services.

DNA Corporate Internet is the right choice when your business requires capability and faulty tolerance from data connections.

Firewall service can be attached to the server service as a customer-specifically defined additional service.

DNA Corporate Network enables the possibility of connecting your data centre to be part of your company’s own protected DNA Corporate Network service and other data connection services provided for your company’s offices by DNA.

Ensure top-quality server capacity

We provide efficient and secure data centre services for your company’s data connection needs.

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