Corporate internet

DNA Corporate Internet offers high-quality and comprehensive telecommunication services to meet the needs of even the most demanding business. This internet service is the best choice when your business requires high performance and fault tolerance from your connections.

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Quality connections with adaptability to meet your business needs

Flexible DNA Corporate Internet adapts to all business needs. It can handle the data requirements of a small office, provide internet connections for hundreds of users or serve even a large data center.

The service can be implemented with fixed IP addresses using fibre or copper technologies, or with 5G or 4G mobile wireless technologies. Corporate internet can speed up to ten gigabits per second.

You can choose the SLA service level that meets your company’s requirements and the connection resilience implementation. With a wide range of additional services your company can get a strong security footprint.

Get cost-effective connectivity for your digital business

Meet the most demanding telecommunication quality requirements

Choose the SLA service level and fault tolerance you need

Complement with a wide range of additional services

DNA Corporate Internet is implemented according to your company's requirements

  • Versatile fixed network and mobile network connection technologies
  • Up to 10 gigabit peak speed
  • Desired SLA service level and fault tolerance (duplication, backup connections)
  • Required number of fixed public and non-public IP addresses
  • IP address management as a service
  • Available in Finland, the Nordic countries and the Baltics
  • Suitable for data centers, regardless of the location or owner of the center
  • A wide selection of additional services: data security, reporting, data center, voice and office communication solutions

Fixed 5G brings fibre-like speed available to a larger amount of people

Read more about the features of fixed 5G

5G brings fast and low-latency connections to many locations where fibre is unavailable. Fixed 5G (Fixed Wireless Access, FWA) offers fibre-like speed and guaranteed minimum capacity. It is suitable as a primary or backup connection for connecting the office to the company network or the Internet. The service can be installed even in temporary offices without digging up the fibre quickly and flexibly. See 5G availability here. (In Finnish)

The permanently installed outdoor unit brings a high-quality 5G signal with a cable indoors, from where it is distributed to users via a LAN/WLAN router.

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Firewall is an essential part of protecting the local network, applications and workstations from threats. It enables monitoring and management of network content and capacity.

Protection against denial-of-service attacks secures your company's data traffic in DNA's core network in case of DoS attacks.

Domains as a service includes everything from registering and getting domains up and running. We also offer Domain warehousing and DNSSEC additional services.


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