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10/2022 DNA Business

Here comes the brand new and improved WiFi - don't leave your employees empty-handed

What do we need to know about WiFi6E?
10/2022 DNA Business

DNA and Edzcom partner up to build private mobile networks for enterprise customers

Private mobile networks are built in very different environments hence they are always tailored for each client.
7/2022 DNA Business

 At the cusp of a great transformation

Sandberg is proud of the international reach of DNA and Telenor.
6/2022 DNA Business

From the mouth of an angel investor: tools for business growth and how to fund it

Would you like bunch of tips for growing your business?
5/2022 DNA Business

A private network shortens the journey of a bit – and thus reduces the delay

The public mobile network is prone to latency and capacity fluctuations.
The daily life of IT maintenance of the City of Espoo has become considerably easier.
3/2022 DNA Business

What makes a good modern LAN? – In Espoo, an upgrade made the daily life of IT maintenance easier

The City of Espoo has for a long time used the DNA LAN.
1/2022 DNA Business

The pandemic accelerated health care digitalisation – development continues in 2022

The pandemic sparked the development of a number of new technologies.
1/2022 DNA Business

A tighter hold on personal data ensures more secure AI

Using AI image recognition, service providers like Facebook can identify various social networks with a high degree of accuracy.
1/2022 DNA Business

Destaclean helps companies move forward on the road to a more sustainable future

Destaclean offers a comprehensive waste management service.
1/2022 DNA Business

CEO looks to the future – what to build tomorrow’s growth on and what trends to pay attention to?

DNA is publishing its fifth annual list of technology trends.
1/2022 DNA Business

Do you know what 2022 will bring? With these 17 trends, you can stay up to date on what people around the world are talking about 

Here is our overview of the technology trends of 2022.
11/2021 DNA Business

Redundant subsea cables ensure safe and secure connections abroad 

Ask for more information from your DNA representative! 
9/2021 DNA Business

The new Wireless Access Component opens DNA's mobile network for the connectivity needs of a wholesale customer

Wireless Access Component is the first telecommunications service for wholesale customers.
9/2021 Dominique Akl

MythBusters, SD-WAN edition 

SD-WAN is no longer a hype technology.
TinyML is an embedded software technology that is made to run on very limited hardware. This device has got a tiny camera, and a visual application to take pictures and to perform object detection in a reasonable amount of time. Image: Telenor
8/2021 DNA Business

How to make tiny sensors smart – Telenor Research is working for the next IoT revolution

Since 2019, DNA has been a part of Telenor Group.
5G network slicing is a novelty for all stakeholders which makes research and testing invaluable. Image: Telenor
6/2021 DNA Business

Telenor Research is leading the way to successful 5G network slicing

Since 2019, DNA has been a part of Telenor Group.
6/2021 DNA Business

DNA Network Access is the online bouncer for business networks

Cyber criminals are always on the lookout.
Coming soon: flexibility and reliability through wireless Layer 2 Ethernet VPN solution 
6/2021 DNA Business

Flexibility and reliability through wireless Layer 2 Ethernet VPN solution 

DNA is introducing a new access type of Wholesale Ethernet VPN.
5/2021 DNA Business

In IoT technology, the application determines the choices

IoT solutions are rapidly growing more popular.
4/2021 DNA Business

From Finland to a broader world – Ropo Capital turned Finnish invoicing to export item

Ropo's internationalization was kick-started in 2019.