Modern expert work with digital tools 

Fondia is a Finnish business law service company that utilises new types of service models and technology. The company’s main product is Legal Department as a Service (LDaaS), which enables companies to proactively, reliably and flexibly receive legal assistance based on their business needs. Fondia has several hundred legal department customers in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania.

“There are a lot of companies that have not paid enough attention to their company’s legal needs. Companies have traditionally purchased much of their legal services as projects and individual assignments, in which case overall development may be overlooked. We have found that growth companies, in particular, clearly need a proactive and developmental approach to legal matters. Our LDaaS service works like an outsourced legal department, so we also proactively identify our customers’ legal needs and respond to them as the situation requires”, says Fondia’s Growth Booster Tanja Piha.

The company, which employs 160 people internationally, operates in four different countries. Fondia’s professionals work closely with their customers, often relying on a variety of cloud-based instant messaging applications and team tools. Functional network connections in all work equipment are indispensable for experts on the move. That is why, in addition to a fixed Internet connection, Fondia also uses DNA’s mobile subscriptions and mobile Internet services.

“It is essential for our work that the same applications can be accessed anytime, anywhere with both a phone and a laptop. We have wanted to invest in well-being at work and a modern way of doing expert work, so remote working is a no-brainer for us. Our experts have mobile broadband and good mobile subscriptions, which make it easy to work even at home or on business trips”, Piha says.

It is important for Fondia that, even in digital services, the focus is on the person using them instead of technology. That is why the company invests in good user interface development, service design, functional processes, mobile usage and information security. Technology will certainly continue to support Fondia’s experts in their work in the future as well.

“I believe that technological development will shape our entire industry and, of course, we want to remain at the forefront of digitalisation. Soon, some routine tasks can already be outsourced to artificial intelligence, leaving our experts with more time to consult with our customers on business-related legal issues and to counsel management. Good digital capabilities and functional network connections are key”, Piha says.

We improved the customer’s business efficiency with the following solutions: