DNA IP PBX service brings your company’s telephone extensions and the customer service solution’s voice traffic into the digital era. The calls become IP-based, and the service forwards them to the public phone network securely and without interferences in Finland and abroad.

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Route voice traffic efficiently with DNA IP PBX

IP PBX is a modern way to implement your company’s telephone exchange or customer service solution. The IP PBX (or SIP trunk) utilises the company’s internal telecommunications network and internet connections when calling and receiving calls.

The service enables calls through the company’s IP PBX in fixed and mobile networks in Finland and abroad. Internal calls of nationally or internationally operating businesses are routed cost-efficiently through the company’s own corporate network.

Fail-safe and carefree

Be carefree with secure voice connections and duplicated business-critical connections.

Easy and flexible

Easy and flexible voice traffic management.


Cost-efficient and modern call forwarding solution.

DNA IP PBX in a nutshell

  • A cost-efficient way to connect the IP PBX and other relating communication systems to the public telephone network
  • Secure VoIP call forwarding from the company’s IP exchange to public telephone networks
  • The service connects the company’s exchange to the traditional telephone network either through IP-based data subscription or the internet
  • The IP PBX’s fail-safety can be increased by duplicating the DNA business network subscription in use
  • Voice traffic capacity increases flexibly according to need
  • The service can be implemented either through a DNA Corporate Network or the internet
  • The company’s own IP-based exchange integrated with the DNA Virtual PBX

What is VoIP PBX (SIP trunk)?

  • VoIP is an abbreviation of the words Voice over Internet Protocol.
  • A technology that converts the voice in real-time the same kind of telecommunications traffic as browsing websites or using email.
  • The IP-based voice can be forwarded with various internet protocols.
  • A synonym for VoIP PBX is SIP trunk
  • SIP is a communications protocol used by voice, video and messaging applications to create, maintain and end connections.

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