At Koskisen, connections must work from data centres to cabins in the forest

The Koskisen Group is a family-owned company in the sawmill and board industry with more than a thousand employees. Koskisen manufactures high-quality plywood, chipboard, sawn timber and thin birch plywood. In addition, the company’s own wood procurement organisation supplies raw materials to mills, i.e. buys wood from forest owners. Koskisen Ltd has production facilities in Järvelä, Hirvensalmi, Kissakoski and Poland, as well as a sales network around the world.

The company operating in a large area uses sales work and other support systems with remote connections, regardless of time and place. 

“Even though Koskisen’s modern mills as such represent a traditional industry, a lot of field work is done in wood procurement, among other things. Managers visit forest owners to talk to them, for example. In that case, too, connections must work well as procurement contracts are signed in cabins and cottages, even in more remote areas”, Koskisen’s ICT Systems Manager Teemu Similä describes.

Koskisen has been DNA’s customer since May 2019. In addition to mobile subscriptions and mobile broadbands, the company also uses the DNA Virtual PBX and Corporate Network services.

Corporate network solutions play a key role, as Koskisen’s main systems still run largely in their own data centre environments.

According to Similä, the network services deployment project went well overall. There were some small surprises along the way, but those were quickly taken care of. Koskisen has clearly benefited from the overall solution.

“Centralising services to DNA helps us keep everything together in a better way. With one channel for contacts, operations are also more efficient”, Similä says.

According to Similä, cooperation with DNA has been easy. 

“It is nice to have familiar people. You know and feel that the partner really listens to the customer’s needs, which is important.”


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