Access Management

DNA Access Management is an efficient and flexible way to control your company network and data systems access rights. The service increases data security and simultaneously advances smooth working with one digital identity.

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With access management, you will have a tight grip over your company's access rights

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is essential in the contemporary cyber security architecture. Every business needs a centralised method to manage who has access to its network and information systems. Furthermore, it is crucial to reliably identify both the user and the device when logging in to the system. Management becomes cumbersome and dispersed without centralisation, leading to increased vulnerability to cyber security risks and hindering work processes.

DNA Access Management provides the solution. You can create an individual digitalidentity for all users and define appropriate access rights based on their work assignments with the service. Different data systems can be connected as a usable service through one sign-in.

DNA Access Management covers devices and IoT devices of all users, to which access rights can be defined. Furthermore, the service does not burden data governance because the users register their own devices through a self-service portal and receive appropriate access rights according to their role.

Smooth work securely with one access rights defining digital identity

Easy and secure way to ensure that your company's users have appropriate access to network resources

Device registration in a self-service lightens the burden of data governance 

What is DNA Access Management?

  • DNA Access Management centralises user and device access rights to the company network and information according to their identities.
  • One digital identity for each user and device easily enables utilising multiple data systems.
  • Users can be sorted into groups according to their work assignments, and the rights can be pointed only for needed resources.
  • Access control management: access rights can be allowed or restricted service-specifically according to users’ location and time.
  • The guest network is an additional feature that expands guest network service with account management, creates an adaptable sign-in portal site, and includes comprehensive integration possibilities.

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Corporate network and local area network user’s access rights are managed the easiest with the DNA Access Management service.

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