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DNA Secure Site is a secure solution for centralising the data security of your various company locations. The service decreases complicity and risks as well as saves time – regardless of the number of your office sites.

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Centralise the data security of all your company locations into one package

If your company has multiple office locations, managing the network and data security individually at all sites is burdensome and exposes your business to various risks. Therefore, data security should be centralised. 

DNA Secure Site opens a cohesive environment to manage the network and security in all office locations, providing a real-time view. You can comprehensively implement the data security for the firewall, SD-WAN solution, LAN and WLAN networks, and endpoint devices. 

With DNA Secure Site, you can establish new office locations automatically and centrally with standardised profiles. You can define settings with adjustable profiles of location and device telecommunication routing and security settings. The profiles can have various levels with different features depending on the location and device. 

Easy and cost-efficient service model manages multiple locations’ networks and data security

Centralised view and management will decrease the workload and risks 

Connects the networks and data security of various locations to one whole

Modular DNA Secure Site includes:

  • Service control environment 
  • Secure SD-WAN service with a new generation firewall 
  • Fully integrated local area networks 
  • Secure remote connections and endpoint device data security

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Secure SD-WAN implements next-generation data secure SD-WAN solution of location connection centralised management regardless of the implementation method of the connections. 

Access management and authentication ensure appropriate and data secure access to information systems for your personnel in each location. 

Flexible, tailored Security Gateway firewall service complements centralised data security management in all locations. 

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