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DNA Teams Voice makes communication simpler, smoother and more efficient.

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Combine teamwork and calling seamlessly

DNA Teams Voice service extends the Teams application to your company’s seamless communication service that includes regular calls and teamwork in the same interface. Teams Voice makes communications more simple, flowing, and efficient.

With Teams Voice, you can make and receive calls in the Teams application, regardless of the endpoint device, time or place. Multichannel communications will function in one interface on a computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Improved teamwork

You can reach your team members more conveniently and efficiently with any endpoint device without the need of switching applications.

Even better accessibility

Your customers and partners will get a new way to contact your personnel when arriving calls to business numbers are connected to Teams.

Efficiency with a centralised communications solution

All tools for attending meetings, making calls, sending SMS messages, using email or chat, and sharing documents are all in your grasp at once.

DNA Teams Voice

  • Eases and increases work significantly
  • Expands the Teams application to a comprehensive communications solution
  • You and your personnel can make calls in Teams with any endpoint device
  • The needed Microsoft 365 service packages and expert services are available from DNA
  • DNA’s numbering area phone numbers and Business numbers can be attached to the service
  • Your company can choose which phone numbers to connect to the service

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DNA Office Communications 365 includes familiar office programs and cloud services for your company’s work.

DNA IP-PBX functions as a connecting bridge from which Teams Voice connects to the mobile network.

DNA Virtual PBX increases accessibility significantly and is a convenient service for companies of all sizes.

DNA Business numbers connected to Teams Voice will open a new chapter for your company’s accessibility.

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