CAP-Group Oy offers flexible online teaching and simulator training for driving school students

CAP-Group Oy, Finland's largest driver training company, is a pioneer in digital driving instruction. Theory lessons conducted as online training, simulator training for various driving situations, and systematically developed multi-channel customer service have increased the demand for driver training at a record pace.

“We wanted to be the pioneers of this industry. As soon as regulation allowed it, we were on the move to develop digital driving instruction”, says Olli Kilpi, CAP-Group's new CEO.

CAP-Group’s driving schools offer theory lessons online so that students can determine where and when to complete their studies. All they need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or phone.

Up to half of the required driving practice can be done using a driving simulator instead of a real car. CAP Driving Schools have been actively developing simulators in recent years, and new versions come out regularly. In the latest update, also the revised Road Traffic Act was integrated into the system.

CAP-Group CEO Olli Kilpi believes that with the help of the simulator, drivers will become more proactive and thus safer.

“The greatest benefit of the simulator is that it allows you to practice driving and traffic rules in peace and without pressure. It can also be used to practice situations that many will hopefully never have to face in real life, but for which you still need to be prepared for.”

Indeed, driving simulators are becoming more and more popular. CAP Driving Schools currently have a total of about 90 simulator units, which are in constant active use.

Both online lessons and simulator training are monitored from the CAP Driving School control room. From there, the teachers on duty will help students as needed. Customers are also served nationwide on the CAP-Group website chat, e-mail, and Facebook Messenger. The goal is to offer 24/7 customer service.

Two-way virtual theory teaching, the use of a simulator, and real-time customer service all require a reliable network covering the whole of Finland in order to operate.

“Our data transfer needs are growing significantly all the time, and DNA has responded to that need”, Kilpi says.

CAP Driving Schools use DNA's wireless connections, and some teachers also have phones and tablets supplied by DNA.

“DNA has proven to be a similar open-minded pioneer as we are. Communication has been straightforward, and the growing number of students speaks volumes about the functionality of our service”, says Kilpi.

We improved our customer’s business efficiency with the following solutions:

  • DNA Mobile Switchboard
  • DNA Mobile Subscriptions
  • DNA Mobile Broadband