DNA’s connections drive the digital leap in City of Espoo schools 

The city of Espoo schools are rapidly adopting new electronic teaching methods. This digital leap is enabled by the telecommunications connections provided by DNA Business. The city of Espoo is a pioneer in Finland in the utilisation of e-learning environments.

City of Espoo Account Manager Mika King says that this is the result of long-term efforts to reform the schools’ IT environment.

"Our efforts have targeted the networks, devices as well as electronic tools,” lists King. *

According to King, everything starts with reliable telecommunications connections. All schools in Espoo have been equipped with high-speed Internet connections and a wireless network which both students and staff can access with their own devices or ones provided by the school.

DNA Business is the City of Espoo's long-term partner and provider of voice and data services. DNA has been responsible for the implementation and maintenance of telecommunications connections. The package also includes data connections for all locations, as well as the planning and implementation of wireless networks.

City of Espoo ICT expert Mikko Ovalo says that a good partner truly understands how a wireless network is planned and sized correctly, even in the field.

”DNA has implemented our wireless networks so that we can rely on their capacity. I have never received a poor wireless network plan from DNA for approval," says Ovalo.

No more cramming from books at the desk

Mika King says that the focus of digitalisation in schools is on cloud services. Espoo has decided to adopt Google and Microsoft's educational cloud services, for example.

"Great strides are currently being taken in the utilisation of cloud services. They will become a part of teaching and everyday school work."

King considers one of the benefits of cloud services that they can be scaled quickly according to need. Flexibility is also important.

"Students and teachers can use the services with any device even outside the school environment, for example, at home or on a holiday trip."

DNA Business is enabling City of Espoo to succeed with the following solutions:

Corporate network (MPLS)

Local Area Network (LAN)

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

Data security services

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Technical Service Manager (TSM)