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How Will Technology Shape the Year 2023?

DNA introduces 17 rising technology trends that will step into the limelight in 2023 – many of which leave their mark on history.

Technology continues to re-shape work and business

Technology trends for 2022 reflect the post-pandemic recovery and transformation.

What will 5G bring to corporate networks?

In today's competitive markets, data network solutions are of great importance. Does your network solution support your business?

Get to know the most exciting technology trends in 2019!

5G networks, immersive experiences and exoskeletons - If you want to know what is going on in 2019, download our guide on technology trends now.

Succeed in IoT projects: technology stack, subscription management and network connections

A network connectivity 101 for companies starting their IoT journey.

What will the technology year 2018 look like?

We summarised some of the technology trends affecting companies and their networks in 2018.

Travel guide to the future of corporate networks

Companies are adopting cloud services with increasing eagerness. What should a company be aware of if it wants to ensure efficient, secure and manageable network solutions in the future?

DNA Industrial Internet (IoT)

The internet of things gives rise to new competition. Is your organization ready?

Fight against cyber criminality intensifies

Timely and comprehensive planning of information security enables safe services for the Internet of Things. 

Industrial Internet - New business through smart services

Taking a step into the smart services requires new kind of operating models and the adoption of a new service culture.

Current Status of Corporate Networks and Future Development