DNA`s M2M subscription and a tablet - in a taxi

Taksi Helsinki is a taxi dispatch company operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area that provides 8 million rides annually with its 1,300 vehicles. The company relies on its dispatch system, which the drivers access using tablets and DNA’s M2M subscriptions.

Taksi Helsinki almost completely renewed its dispatch system about a year and a half ago while also inviting tenders for new telecommunications partners. DNA supplies Taksi Helsinki with M2M subscriptions to transfer the data in the taxi dispatch system.

The tablets are normal Samsung Android tablets. In addition to the dispatch system, the drivers have limited access to Internet content, such as Google Maps or Helsinki Airport arrival times.

“The dispatch system is the most central part of our operations. In addition to using it ourselves, we also sell the system we have developed to other taxi companies outside the Helsinki metropolitan area”, says Lauri Suokannas, Head of Business Development at Taksi Helsinki.

DNA convinces with its speed

Taksi Helsinki has decentralised its subscriptions among several operators to avoid problems caused by network outages. In M2M comparison of the dispatch system, DNA has stood out in a positive way especially with its speed and cost-effectiveness.

“With DNA, we have been particularly pleased that subscriptions and services can be rapidly introduced and that requests or questions are responded to quickly”, Lauri Suokannas sums up.


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